Hey Sister!

It’s been a few weeks since I returned from my priestess pilgrimage to western England, where I spent 8 days exploring and experiencing the magic of Avalon and Glastonbury in rural western England.

I hardly know what to say—which you know is rare. 😉

I traveled with 19 other women, priestesses of various traditions from 9 different countries around the world. We visited and explored the sacred ancient and early-Christian sites, that have been held sacred for millennia.

We entered a deep alchemical space, full of myth metaphor, ritual and magic.

To say it was amazing is an understatement. The energy we conjured was (and still is) palpable. Words fail to even begin to describe.

We had private time at the mythic Chalice Well (image above); in the roman-arched cave of the sacred masculine White Spring; we traversed Avebury Stone Circle (and got more than a bit wet).

We drummed and sang in an ancient underground shamanic space, and atop the Glastonbury Tor, joined by other tourist pilgrims, which was a holy treat. We were guided to paint and recall the ancient art of anointing: magic with essential oils as a spiritual practice for self and other.

Remember Your Ancient Modern Lineage {An Invitation}

We remember: Avalon is real! Sisterhood is real! We remembered our ancient priestess past and wove threads of long ago into our current lives—now scattered across the planet in a web of light.

We are making magic happen and witness life transforming!

I arrived home in time to experience the “path of totality” within the Eclipse that spanned the US. What a timely alchemical event–another powerful moment to shift and transform, to ground and affirm that love and light are real.

And yet also seeing all that is not Love & Light in stark detail, too. It’s time for a shift.

It’s jogged my soul, that now is the time and we are the ones. How this will play out in The Magdalene Path?  I’m not rushing any answers, I just know I’m being called forward—with you—and that my role as a priestess is apparent, regardless of how it is held in this culture.

And I’m calling you home with me. And Her.

The Magdalene was so present in Avalon, in a new dimension, as I’ve never before experienced Her. To be with others in circle who understood Her powerful sacred presence, historically and spiritually, was a great homecoming for me.

To experience the grief of what we lost when her story—as all goddess/priestess lore was lost, was huge and yet surmountable. What was taken from us, by eliminating Magdalene along with the other sacred Feminine goddesses, priestesses, wise women and healers through time who have been silenced, disappeared, lost?

Great damage is done.

In silencing the Feminine to the all-powerful patriarchy we get environmental disasters on a grand scale (hello, Houston we have a problem!), rekindled racism, white supremacy & misogyny, unbridled greed,  climate change and the endless, profitable war cycles of the military industrial complex.

Look around, we are bearing witness to the devastation. Without the Feminine we are bereft and left bankrupt.

But that is over. No longer. It must end with us. It is time and our collective magic is being reclaimed.

And it is, when we are empowered to speak, act and be the powerful beings we are.

This is not about our own personal Divine Feminine lifestyle upgrade. But about the upliftment of all life so all may prosper and live to full divine potential. We must remember and embody this Truth, as women.

Creating a New Earth for all. Not just a fair few.

So it appears a perfect time to offer my Magdalene Path online course.

You’re invited to join me in a 7 week virtual experience, for an ultra-affordable $97.

(It’s almost 3 years since the publication of the Magdalene Path book, which seems impossible, so it’s time.)

I’ve been teaching and sharing this material for many years, and this is the maiden voyage in virtual form that many of you have asked for, for years! Experience an unveiling of The Magdalene Path course, developed from my private coaching program. We’ll start September 20. You can see the details here.

In this virtual course we’ll gather in a virtual circle (using  your phone or computer) and explore the core meanings and gifts that Magdalene brings, and how to apply Her magic into your life..

This class is perfect for someone who’s experienced in her spiritual journey or is new on the path and knows she wants more Feminine Soul. Who wants to activate and embody the goddess self, and apply that into her daily life—not just in evening workshops and weekend retreats.

Be a priestess in your life, everyday.

This is not about just creating change in your life but catalyzing change in the world around you–because I know you want that. Isn’t it time?

You’ll have a direct experience of Magdalene magic, the power of the priestess in your life. You’ll learn about balancing Feminine and Masculine energy in your life (internally and externally in your work and home)

You’ll explore your creativity as a sacred gift and divination tool. And ways to get a clearer, stronger Divine Connection  with Magdalene or other Sacred Feminine guides, for 24/7 wisdom on your path..

And find pleasure in your life and body. Make peace with being who and how you are.

Oh there’s so much more! Go ahead and read about it here!

I’m excited to get started right at the Fall Equinox, time of balance and renewal: Wednesday September 20.

Here’s to being all you already are, unveiled,

in love,



PS  I created this for you, after years of so many requests. I made it super affordable so its an easy yes.  Let me know what you think. And PLEASE Share it with your sisters who’d be interested. Namaste, sister!