I’m just back from my priestessing pilgrimage to Avalon, where I gathered with 19 other women from around the world to remember and reweave the lost lineage of Christ and Magdalene, the Christess. No words for all this yet, I’m still weaving in that transformational experience. (image from the Chalice Well in Glastonbury–powerful place!)

Then integrating this shift with the big energy of the Great Eclipse this week. Were you in the Path of Totality?

Things are different. What was no longer is. You notice it, too?

In weeks to come I’ll be sharing about some online experiences you can have to deepen your divine connection with Mary Magdalene and the priestess that longs reveal herself in you. (SO juicy and exciting!)

It’s clear to me that it’s time for us to stand in the brilliance we’ve all come here to be. No more hiding out or playing small. No more being bullied by relationships & energies that harm us. It’s time to embrace and embody the radiance that our Soul wishes to shine forth–and do/be what we came here to do.

But that’s not always easy, is it?

There are often lots of barriers and blockages in the way. Thoughts, feelings and beliefs that keep us in a place we no longer care to inhabit. And that can be mighty hard to change–and stay shifted.

As Divine Timing would have it…. a dear friend and mentor of mine reached out to me with an antidote of sorts. If you’re a Life Coach, Healer, Yoga Teacher, Therapist or Catalyst of Transformation….then, I want to pass something your way.

Because no doubt, you know how painful this scenario is: You provide your client with your very best skill and guidance. Things change for them and you expect them to thrive and move forward. But they don’t. They get stuck or go off course or back to their old habits. They collapse into pain that you aren’t able (or trained) to deal with.

Can you get your client (or yourself) quickly unstuck and moving forward again?

My friend Lion Goodman, has a solution, and I’ve used it a lot. He is offering a FREE on-line seminar: Clear Your Clients’ Beliefs: 3 Powerful Tools to Free Your Clients from Self-Sabotaging Patterns and Limiting Beliefs. It’s a special LIVE online training that he’s only offering once – on August 26.

You can register here*.

Lion is someone I feel blessed to call a friend, a colleague and mastermind buddy I trust deeply. He was instrumental in my writing The Magdalene Path—he also wrote me a moving testimonial. And he’s a fun guy.

He’s also one of the world’s leading experts on how to delete old, limiting, and negative beliefs from the psyche. He spent 40+ years studying more than 100 transformational techniques, and he has synthesized them into a dozen easy-to-learn processes that can open up new possibilities for your practice.

He’s going to share three of his favorite processes with you on August 26—he’ll also share written instructions to those who show up on the live call. (Everyone who registers will get the recording.) You’ll also learn about his professional training, the Clear Beliefs Coach Training (approved for 48 hours of CCEs by the International Coach Federation.)

Lion’s credentials are stellar and his work is impeccable. He is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and has taught classes around the world. He has taught his technique to hundreds of coaches and change agents during the past ten years, always to great acclaim. He has put together summits that attracted more than 20,000 participants and he’s authored of four books, including Creating On Purpose, with Anodea Judith, Ph.D.

I just can’t say enough about this great example of the Sacred Masculine. He is a deep soul with a lot to teach, and I love his open, caring style. I use his techniques ALL THE TIME, personally and professionally.

Register HERE  for Lion’s his 90-minute training this Saturday: 3 Powerful Tools You Can Use to Free Your Clients from Self-Sabotaging Patterns and Limiting Beliefs.

Don’t miss it! If you can’t make the live training, register anyway and you’ll get a copy of the recording the next day.

Here’s to being all you already are, unveiled,

in love,

*In transparency, I want you to know that if you enroll in his training program, I’ll receive a commission, but I would never ever share something that I don’t believe in and use myself. Lion’s work is worth your soul’s weight in gold. He’s a true gift.