Access Deeper Connection to Your Feminine Soul

We’re in a time of great change, dear heart. During this Great Reset, magic and light are available.

The awakening Divine Feminine re-balances us, as the world wobbles into a new paradigm. Realign and access this energy in everyday life. Now is the time, we are the ones.

You’ve probably noticed that if you don’t attend to your soul self, it’s easy to get pulled into emotions, opinions, beliefs and fears.

Avoid  unraveling — clear patterns that are ready to be released, manage your stress, angst and despair to remain on  center.

Experience an ancient power practice, the Rosary, that calms your nervous system. Find solace and guidance with the deep wisdom that’s available for healing and renewal.

The New Magdalene Rosary:

Your Feminine Soul Embodiment Portal

rosary beads on red book

The key shift for awakening the Divine Feminine in ourselves and the world is through embodiment practicesliving from Feminine Soul. (Not just reading about it.)  Now is the time and we are the ones!

In December 2019, I received a gift, a deepening on The Magdalene Path. I discovered a portal that balances the mind and centers soul alignment. Hiding in plain sight.

The Rosary… with a twist. (Hint: This is not your grandmother’s rosary practice!)

I received a different version of the Hail Mary, devoted to Mary Magdalene. The Rosary has become one of my main spiritual practices, and it’s powerful.

Learn this powerful way to realign and replenish yourself during these wild times. Discover repetitive prayer as a power tool; the depth and stillness that can be accessed is profound.  Discover nuances to the traditional rosary that shifts its energetic, too.

Feedback I’ve received has inspired me:

“Claire’s guidance and invitation to connect with Mary Magdalene, the Path of the Rose and the Way of Love left me feeling deeply rooted to my feminine energy. I noticed greater clarity and focus throughout the rest of the day and into the following day too! My heart is full and I’m so grateful for the experience and teaching. Namaste, Claire.” –Jenna S, Michigan

“Claire, this is a brilliant piece of work! I was delighted to be able use a familiar prayer in a way that honored my most beloved saint & spiritual teacher, Mary Magdalene. My spirituality is more feminine-focused and a hodge-podge of beliefs, practices and rituals, prayer being one of them. So, this re-write was a welcome addition to my personal spiritual life. Thank you for your devotion to her which brings in such meaningful insights. –Savana R., CA

“Most importantly, Claire is offering a way of integrating what for some is a deeply internalized tradition with a wholly contemporary connection to the Empowered Feminine in the form of a new daily practice.I loved the opportunity to share and explore our  relationship to the Rosary, Christianity, Mary Magdalene, and the Divine Feminine.”

“The experience of Claire’s “Praying the New Magdalene Rosary” was of being held in a soft, warm, rich, enveloping energy, gentle and loving. Claire created a lovely egalitarian space of connection and participation that felt like the embodiment of the Feminine Way. The whole experience felt like a loving, soothing blessing.” — Tomar L, NYC

“A delight and honor to be part of your New Magdalene Rosary Experience. Thank you. It was a beautiful experience. I felt myself greatly slow down and able to take in the goodness and nourishment. You held a space for us where I could receive the gentle beauty and grace. I am entranced by the Magdalene and the way you share her wisdom.” –Bobbye M, NM

Gather in circle to Pray the Magdalene Rosary a free on-line Divine Feminine temple, a sacred virtual space via Zoom.

Explore new perspectives on the traditional  Rosary.  Learn the New Magdalene Rosary. Discover hidden secrets (hiding in plain sight) on the Path of the Rose.

During our time together you will:

    • Explore your Feminine Soul through an embodied spiritual connection.
    • Discover a centering Divine Feminine spiritual practice, that’s easily integrated into your daily routine in 20 minutes or less.
    • Deepen your spiritual connection with Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary & Holy Sophia.
    • Experience inner alignment: access ease, grace, and flow.
    • Recharge yourself in your home temple, via simple ritual in a supportive circle–
    • Nurture a sense of belonging and connection in sisterhood with other like-minded women. (And a few awesome men.)

Enjoy deep-dive spiritual access  that welcomes all religious traditions…  With tips and tricks to integrate into your Soul Care Practice in your temple home, afterward.

You’ll beam in via Zoom video-conferencing. (It’s easy!) Guided by Claire Sierra, MA, Soul Coach, Spa Priestess, Expressive Arts Therapist, Retreat Leader, Balch Hotel co-owner and author of The Magdalene Path

Can’t attend live? Register anyway, you’ll automatically receive the recording links.

Pray the New Magdalene Rosary on Magdalene’s Holy Day

July 22

12 pm Pacific | 3 pm Eastern | 8 pm Britain | 9 pm Europe | 5 am Sydney (next day)

(Check your local time with this easy time zone converter.)

60 minutes  via Zoom*

Compassionate Pricing: $11-$33

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