I heard these words clearly from Mary Magdalene one morning, as I was coming out of meditation and prayer. Let me share the context for this inspiration.

As an author, art therapist and spiritual coach I’ve finally begun seeing a sustainable way to supporting women in empowered living through embodiment of the Sacred Feminine through my book, The Magdalene Path. It’s taken 8 years and a lot of investment and wrong turns to find an aligned path.

But dismantling internalized patriarchal programming takes a while (even for me) and I had a recent lesson that I thought would be helpful to share.

You see, the recent co-heart of the Magdalene Path Program filled, but our group was smaller than I’d envisioned. I was disappointed because I know the power of this work and want it to reach more women, to change more lives.

When this spirit message came it was a surprise, and Magdalene was startlingly clear,

“This is not a business but a ministry. You can structure it and use the tools of business to some degree, but you can’t run it like a business with the usual profit & loss metrics and other mainstream business strategy at the expense of the message. That is the true work.

You can choose to do so, of course, but you will be deflated in your efforts.

Do not worry about the impact in the quantitative sense of volume and numbers. There is much to be said about the shifting of souls, the impact of even one life changed and how that change ripples out to others in their world. It seems cliche. But it is still true in ways you cannot see from the solid 3d worldview of business development and sales metrics. (Ghastly stuff.) That’s not where your glow or potentiality lies.”

So where is my glow and potential? I asked.

In doing what you love, shining your light so those who are meant to can find you. Trust that this is enough. And it is having a far bigger impact and reach than you realize, with the larger arc of timing taken into account. (There is the long view which you cannot yet see, and it assures that the weight and heft of what you are offering is finding those who are needing it most.)

This is all you need to do. Any more than that and you are out of your Genius Zone and into the pusher/driver/striver of man-mode. No big Oprah stage, no Tony Robbins stadium. That is not yours now. And it may never be, which is okay, despite what the cultural hum of “big is better” whispering it’s toxicity to you.

When you are in alignment with your/our (soul) contract, that is enough — YOU — are enough. Let that be the balm of your soul. And enjoy the ease, grace and simplicity it creates in your life. That is the work,” she concluded.

I wonder how many spiritually minded women in business get caught in the duality of the paradigm we’re in. On one hand, being very connected to inner guidance. Following intuition. But on the other hand, judging ourselves against a model or metrics that aren’t really what we’re wired for. Or want to be part of.

The dominant masculine mindset of our culture, which I call man-mode, is subtle but pervasive. It’s how we learned to survive and succeed in our sexist western culture. So it doesn’t just go away because we take a few trainings or retreats about Divine Feminine awakening.

There’s a big dismantling happening. But it doesn’t happen overnight.

So how to shift and literally “be the change we want to see in the world”?

Recognizing that you’re in the grip of a model that doesn’t serve your values, is a good first step. Be kind and compassionate to yourself along the way. Remember and refine your alignment. This shines your light, and while that may not seem like solid business advice, from the Feminine Soul perspective, it is crucial.

Circle with sisters that support this new world you’re part of. The network is vast and strong. Lean in.