A reader commented on an article on this blog last week, and upon review it seems relevant. So I freshened it up a bit, to share with you. It’s timely because we’re all going through various waves of emotion as our world is so deeply unsettled. So much loss, uncertainty, unclarity, lack of real direction…

Not knowing what’s next can really eat at our core sense of Self stability. Unless we find a deeper source to align with.

We find it together. In community. With other who reflect the Truth we know inside (when we forget.) Sisters.

We find stability and alignment–through imbalance–by deepening into our practices as priestess (whether we know ourselves as such or not, that’s what we are, sister. Not sure? Read on…)

A New Archetype Arises

I’m aware of the themes of Priestessing and Sisterhood lately. What does it mean in this post-modern age of secularism and strained Christianity?

The role of the priestess: it’s really a missing link in religious/spiritual life–isn’t it?

My practice is to take these questions into meditation, for reflection with Divine guidance. I wondered, “What exactly is Priestessing, and what am I inviting women into?”

I felt her presence and heard this sweet reply from Mary Magdalene.

“A space and sense of the sacred, in themselves and in sisterhood circles with other women. You are awakening a new power center in women that has been dormant for ages. Stripped and denied of spiritual power—sovereign authority that translated into centuries of abuse and neglect of women’s power and wisdom in favor of the male.

Now it’s being reconfigured and you are at the heart of this with Sisterhood and Priestessing. The archetype of the priestess is awakening, and she is presiding over domains that are religious and secularfor all are one and the same.

The new priestess does not serve in convent or church, necessarily, though she may. Her deepest devotion is to her spiritual path and that spans dogma and congregation. She may reside in a community, but her tastes, beliefs and preferences are often larger than the norm of her group.

The new priestess …” (Go here to read the rest of the article)

Sourcing the Sacred with you… together,