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 Embody Your Divine Feminine Connection.


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Dear Soul Sister~

You are a multi-passionate woman who can’t be fit in a box — there is so much more to you than what you are expressing, being, showing, sharing with the world…

And you know that you can no longer hold yourself back. You’re tired of fearing ridicule, playing small, hiding out. Tired of working so hard and feeling so flat. Uninspired.

It’s time to embrace the complexity and fullness of who you really are…at work and home, in love and life….

Yet you’re not really clear about what, or feel confident about how to best express this emerging you.

Experience the Magdalene Path…

And unveil an infinitely more magical you, guided by your own Soul. Inspired by the hidden mysticism and archetypal message of Mary Magdalene — someone who’s so much more than we were told she was.* (Whether you’re Christian or not, she’s relevant.)

*Magdalene is an embodiment of the Sacred Feminine missing in most world religions. Through her, women regain a missing wholeness that we never knew we lost. Magdalene calls us to spiritual sovereignty and empowered presence when the world needs our vision and voice most.

The Magdalene Path encompasses all of who we are — and who we’re becoming. Experience creativity, clarity, and  connection (with your self, soul and sisters), so that your life has more ease, grace and  flow.

Reclaim a luscious, creative, soul-aligned life….

  • Access your Divine Guidance, so you have clarity about the path you’re meant to take.
  • Reawaken your authentic Feminine essence — so that all your passions, interests and skills have a place in your life, work, love & relationships.
  • Express your creative spirit and shine your radiant aliveness without fear.
  • Release fears, doubts, blocks and confusion that have been derailing you.
  • Feel inspired, confident  & courageous about taking bolder steps that are aligned with your purpose.

Reconnect with the True Goddess  You Are:

Creative, Sensual, Radiant & Empowered.

She’s Waiting for You.

Enter the Temple: Create, Play & Connect with Your Feminine Soul…

Inspiration Along The Path:

Ignite Your Clarity, Connection, Courage & Creativity

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Success Stories…

Private Clients & Event Participants Shared…

Coaching with you has been a really profound experience that has shifted my energy in ways that have made my happiness and engagement in life possible. Not just “that was nice”—this work has really changed things. First,  finding the source of my bliss in a very practical and present way. Then really seeing and embracing what’s gotten in the way. These private sessions have been really stellar and life-shifting, thank you! I really didn’t know dreams could come true in such detail. This is all a living dream.”

Carol V., Carol V., Santa Rosa, CA

“I started out feeling totally overwhelmed, overworked, with no free time. Coaching with you has allowed me to create creative space for myself, which feels good. I’m not pushing myself so hard, I’m learning to play again. It’s a change, to choose more pleasure instead of beating myself up for not working more. My overall intention (for this program) was to have an easier flow and connection with Spirit,  so that I don’t have to work so hard to get wherever I am going next in life. And I feel eased up again. Things are moving in the right direction.”

Mary R., Cave Junction, OR

“The depression I was slipping in and out of was starting to be more life consuming. I was thinking I had to do something about this–that I might need to go on medication or something. Instead, this work with you brought me back to the core of who I am—instead of staying in the old beliefs that I’d been conditioned to believe. The shift has been huge, life altering. Thank you!

Rhonda L., Kerby, OR

“Claire thank you so much for bringing this wisdom to light. It’s helping to fuel my transformation, knowing more fully about what was lost—this feminine energy, respect for it and how to bring it back—is making me feel very justified and worthy of myself in a new ways.

Christine R., Grants Pass., OR

Creative Spirits Art Party

“I’ve wanted to try this but was afraid. Tonight I broke through my fear of painting. Yay!” 

Janey S., White Salmon, WA

Creative Spirits Art Party was a lot of fun.  Claire has a natural way of making people feel at ease and comfortable, encouraging both novice and experienced painters to go with the flow of their creative juices and let it spill on the canvas.  Unlike other similar events, she encouraged us to personalize and give it texture, which I thought was genius. Stunning and unique! Claire was very patient, the atmosphere was light-hearted and friendly.  A fun opportunity to tap into my inner “Rembrandt.  



R.C., The Dalles, OR

“I’ve done these at other places and you create a great environment. You made it so easy to try new techniques and have fun at the same time.  I’m excited to come back and learn more.”

Betsy P., Camas., WA

It’s been so stressful at work, I just wanted to relax with my friend. Creative Spirits Art Party  was so fun and totally did the trick.”

Diane M., Hood River, OR

Sisterhood Suppers:

“Such a great idea! Just what I needed tonight: to connect with you, women I knew and others I didn’t. Great conversations, I feel so full. Thanks for creating this space for us.”

Donna H., Maupin, OR

“At Sisterhood Suppers new ideas, perspectives and connections always emerge. Great having time out with other women just to relax and be ourselves. I’ll be back.”

Jane W., The Dalles, OR