Rosary Bead Bracelets

Prayer beads are traditionally used to aid the ritual experience, deepening the meditative prayer process, allowing you to go deeper into stillness and bliss. Support your Magdalene Rosary practice, with 2 styles of Wrist Rosaries, ritually crafted,  blessed and anointed by Claire Sierra, as a tool to support your spiritual path.
These rosary bracelets are each 2 sets of 10 beads, traditionally referred to as “Decades” and total 22 beads–the sacred number often associated with Mary Magdalene.
Gemstones hold different frequencies, offering different gifts. Choose intuitively or pick a color you love.
An aromatherapy spacer bead between each “decade” of 10 hand chosen natural gemstones allows ease in counting. Vintage Sandalwood is perfect for receiving holy or essential oils of your choice. Wear anointing oils close to your body for glorious scent and reminders of your priestess path.
Adding sacred oils to your wrist rosary brings a hint of the ineffable, adding mindful presence of the Divine Feminine to your daily life. Gemstones and vintage Sandalwood Aromatherapy beads combine into bracelets to wear as everyday magic, to weave spiritual practice into your day.
They’ve been requested for a long time, and now you can have yours! (US orders only,)

Two Styles:

Magdalene Wrist Chaplet

2 Decades of 10 natural gemstones and 2 Vintage Sandalwood Aromatherapy beads, with metal Rose charms as reminders of the Rose Path. Created in ritual, blessed and anointed by Magdalene Path author/founder/priestess Claire Sierra.
$44 + shipping (US only)
Includes: Magdalene Rosary practice handout

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Infinity Rosary Bracelet

A 22 bead (Or 2 Decade) Rosary wrist chaplet that has no end–you can pray with infinitely. 2 Decades (sets of 10) of natural Gemstones (see below*) separated by vintage Sandalwood Aromatherapy beads for you to infuse with Holy Oils. Created in ritual, blessed and anointed.
$44 + shipping (US only)
Includes: Magdalene Rosary Practice Handout