My deepest desire is for you to feel the divine flowing to and through you, creating a life of ease, grace and flow. It’s your birthright.

I long for you and your daughters, nieces and neighbor-girls to feel your innate divinity through your own awake, aligned connection to the Source (Spirit, God, Goddess, whatever you want to call it).

Open the lines of connection with your Divine guidance from your highest & deepest feminine soul. And living from that place, everyday.

Ready for a Deeper Soul Connection?

There’s a stream of wisdom that’s connected to Divine and embodied and in the world. Live life from this open inspired connected place. You’re marrying heaven and earth!

Feminine Soul connection awakens the ancient/future lineages of feminine priestesses. Priestesses are women as spiritual & secular leaders, healers and teachers. Nothing “woo” about that.

(Or think of it as woo-woo with purpose. 😉

Make it Real

If this is something you find intriguing, maybe you’d like to spend a long weekend with me in a sacred circle with like minded sisters….moving in and really deepening these concepts with practices with experiences that ground you in Feminine Soul.

Join us on retreat in the Columbia River Gorge in November. It’s a great time to travel to this gorgeous place. We’ll enjoy the luxurious temple of the Balch Hotel. (AND right now there’s a $300 Super Early Bird Discount that goes away September 1!) To see more details, take a peek here.

You’ll have 3 1/2 days in the country, to explore embodiment practices with art, movement and creative meditation. You’ll have ample time to be in nature, and rejuvenate, so you feel the Divine Feminine in your blood and bones.

You’ll be guided to access your own spiritual guidance, to get clarity about your questions and calling, with the processes I used to write The Magdalene Path.

  • You’ll explore the myths and metaphors of the Magdalene as a potent feminine guide for these days, in discussion, and ritual.
  • Learn different ways of embodying the Divine Feminine as Feminine Soul.Discover your own practical path of women’s empowerment.
  • We’ll dip into “what is a modern day priestess?

I don’t mean priestessing in a religious order, but living your spiritual path as an expression of everyday life—day to day–with a real-time connection to God/Goddess within.

It’s crucial for spirited women today. (Knowing as we heal and empower women and girls, we uplift the world.)

Join me November 8-11

Awaken Your Feminine Soul Retreat

To make it simple for you, it’s all-inclusive, so lodging, meals, retreat teaching, ceremonies and art supplies are all included.

I’m making a special email list insider offer, just for you to make it more affordable:

$300 discount ($100 off Early Bird on the event page!)

Just reply here and we’ll connect.

Go here to see more details or to register. If you have questions and want to make sure this is right for you, let’s set us a time to chat.

I want you to embody the Divine essence you are. And embody the path of the priestess/queen in your everyday life. Join me?

In sisterhood,

PS Can’t make it? Want something sooner? Join us for the next Rose Temple on Friday September 20. Enjoy an evening of Feminine Soul Mysteries at the Balch Hotel.

Dive deep in sister circle to explore themes of balancing dark/light as we practice embodying integrating of masculine/feminine within and out, as we celebrate Autumn Equinox.

Register early for $8 off! Bring a sister for half price, too! See details and register here.