If you’ve been around for even a little bit, you know how profoundly the Rosary practice entered my life and work this year…I’ve been passionate about sharing it with you.

As I’ve deepened into the Magdalene Rosary, I’ve longed to have tools to bring this spiritual practice seamlessly into our lives. I’ve been finding the natural depth and rhythm of the prayer is enhanced by fingering the beads. The tactile embodied experience is luscious and stilling.
I love gemstones, crystals, and sacred oils. (What’s not to love?) and I love bracelets. So I’ve created 2 styles of Wrist Rosaries for you.
Both are 2 Decades (of 10 beads) of natural gemstones* separated by Cedarwood Aromatherapy beads, for a 22 bead Wrist Rosary Chaplet

Magdalene Rosary Chaplets

Infinity Aroma Rosary

Created in ritual prayer, blessed and anointed by Claire.
Includes a PDF of the Magdalene Rosary.
$22 plus shipping. (US only)
Join us monthly on-line on Day 22, at 12 noon* Pacific  (Check for new time beginning January 2022)
*clockwise from top left: orange Jasper, yellow Jade, mixed Agate, brown Agate, red Coral, purple Fluorite, navy Sandstone, purple Quartz (center)