It’s a new year and things are changing. While some spent oodles of time reviewing and releasing the past year, then creating intentions and goals for the new, not everyone functions that way.

In fact, it’s a very masculine approach.

Don’t let yourself get defined by that external structure. No self-flagellating if it’s not in your flow. There are other paths to clarity.

Many women I talk to lately seem to be on BIG clarity projects of another kind: paper de-cluttering, closet re-configuring, basement overhauling.

I get it, I just reworked my office/art studio to create more space and order in preparation for the new. (And still largely a blank slate.)

It’s like we’re preparing the nest for new life. In the deep of winter this is totally in sync with the seasonal flow. It’s in our nature.

I’ve been feeling the movement of the Divine Feminine strongly. (Is this the year of the woman, or what?)

So many women seem to be bursting forward, already, and finding new ways to share their vision, perspective, gifts. Being/doing things they’ve longed to, for years.

It’s time. Finally. (But if that’s not you, hang in there, I have an idea, read on…)

Things have been shifting in my world, too, dropping into deeper layers of Soul Truth and finding something new emerging.

Wisps of vision, in the mists of winter depths.

Alignment Leads to Embodiment and Soul Clarity

Since Equinox, I’ve become fairly obsessed with embodiment—being in my Divine Feminine essence in everyday life–not just in meditation, or retreats.

During this seasonal turn inward, I’ve been immersed in soul care practices for staying in alignment. (I’ll share my list of go-to’s here on the blog.)

What I’ve noticed is that alignment is not a static thing that we get and keep. (Dang it!) But a continuum, in flux and flow.

We come into alignment, finding right relationship with our soul, spirit, beloveds and community. We feel fulfilled and good about the work, home, family and relationships we’re in. We groove along for a while–maybe a long time.

We lose it and find our way back, easily. (yessss)

Then the nudges start. Something feels off. Nothing really badly wrong, just not fully right. Usually we ignore this, trying to hang on, keeping the peace, hoping it’s just an off day–or month(s)–hoping things will come back into a happy place.

When we’re wise, we can catch and make subtle adjustments here.

Other times, we ignore situations that are crying for our attention. Things get worse, we flail about, (sometimes crash and burn,) we don’t know what to do, then need more drastic measures to get ourselves back on a new track.

(I like it best when it doesn’t have to go to full melt-down, but that’s not always in our conscious control. The soul has a greater map for the journey.)

We find the new the path and continue on. And you have the capacity to do this. (Though I don’t recommend doing it all alone, it’s longer, harder and more painful, usually.)

Give yourself time (and permission) to go inside, unearth the message and blessings, then make the changes from there.

How can you experience deeper embodiment of the magic you’re here to receive?
Here’s what restores and realigns me.

Things to do when feeling  blocked, misaligned or generally out of sorts

  1. Deep rest—make a nest in bed or elsewhere and spend more time than feels reasonable. (Especially if the voices in your head are telling you otherwise.)
  2. Return home to the practices that reconnect you. You know the ones: meditation, prayer, time in nature, reading…whatever soothes and reminds you of who you really are. (Or if you don’t know, can tell you.) Slow down, go within. Remember your Truth.
  3. Find Wild Nature outside and within. Watch the patterns of nature and see what you’re being shown.
  4. Asking for help from the divine realm. Really, this helps.
  5. Notice the patterns that are continuing to bog you down. They are returning over and over so you can release them. Do that work.
  6. Find a guide, lean into supports. Get a soul reading. Coaching and therapy. You need people who can help you remember the Truth, not the screaming inside. These should be a mix of friends and professionals who adore you.
  7. Find inspiration in new narratives. Allow synchronicity to guide you to fresh deep nourishment through inspiring books, articles, blog posts, podcasts. Change your mind.
  8. Write draw dance…express. Get it out of you and into the world where you an relate to it.
  9. Drop in to your heart. Meditate there, often.
  10. Trust yourself and your life. You’re at a gateway. Who or what needs to give you permission to enter?

Find Clarity, End Confusion

Maybe the dance with clarity and confusion has gone on long enough. Maybe you’re not getting to the place you need to find the answers you want.

Consider a new way to get soul guidance and direction to find your new flow.

The Magdalene Soul Clarity Virtual Experience is part oracle card reading, soul purpose coaching, energy healing, body wisdom meditation, and sacred oil anointing–rooted in the ancient temples of the Divine Feminine and Magdalene Mysteries. Done from the comfort of your home temple on Zoom videoconferencing (it’s easy to use, trust me.)

If you’re navigating transition, challenges or change, you’ll be guided to tap into a grounded, expanded space of your own embodied divine wisdom. You’ll receive clarity about a niggling challenge or confounding question that’s keeping you from your highest expression and calling.

Receive nourishing solutions to move forward again in a way that feels free and aligned. You’ll learn practices I’ve been using to embody connection with your Feminine Soul, to priestess your everyday life.

I’ve been doing this work for 20+ years and this combination of modalities is the most potent to date. You can see details and reserve a session here.

I’ve been awed by the client feedback: I was at a crossroads and felt that I was stuck, something was in the way, and I didn’t know which way to go… the session was beautiful! And I received the right message, which allowed me to consider new possibilities. I got exactly what I needed.”

Another shared, “Claire holds you with grace, gently guiding you to the answers which lie within… allowing for a softening around your own unknowingness, to bring you clarity, kindness, and peace about sticky spots in your life.”

And finally, “It was a magnificent and deeply healing/nourishing experience! Thank you, Claire!

Is it time for your Soul Clarity?  Click this link for details

If you have a question, let’s connect! 

Let’s dive into the depth of the season, allowing the winter’s hibernation to be a time of reflection and inspired action.

Together in embodied alignment with the truth of our feminine Soul,