For years since writing and publishing The Magdalene Path, I’ve been wanting to create an on-line course: a virtual group experience to take women into a deeper exploration and experience of the Magdalene Mysteries—the myth, metaphors and meaning of Mary Magdalene.

Let’s explore why we are so drawn to Her.  And then take Her message & meaning into our own lives.

I often am asked: So who was she really? Was she a prostitute, priestess or wife of Jesus?

We sense that there’s more to Magdalene than the traditional Catholic story tells. And many, myself included, have been drawn into investigation of these answers. And how it reverberates into our lives.

Then I started receiving guidance to tell her story, through my divine connection with her.

Well, that changed the game! It went from being academic research to embodied experience: gnosis.

As I sat in meditation & prayer, I’d wait to sense her presence. And I felt it: Magdalene is an embodied aspect of the Divine. You can feel Her yourself.

That’s part of her allure, and what I want to share with you.

We hunger for this direct expression of feminine divinity. We sense her through-line to Spirit, incarnate in human (female!) form. And I don’t know about you, but that’s something I love and hunger for.

That’s your bliss breakthrough.

Since publication of The Magdalene Path, I’ve been blessed to guide women into direct access with their own divine connection, and awaken their Magdalene lineage, in a variety of different forms and venues.

And I’ve also yearned to offer this in a different format, as a class that could reach a wider audience of women. An entree into a modern-day Magdalene mystery school.

I’ve worked for years developing this course, so I’m excited to unveil it to you here.

We’ll explore 7 key areas. They’re each doorways to larger exploration, if you’re called to them.

  • Discover the true meaning and magic of Magdalene as you awaken the inner priestess

  • Nourish & Embody Your Authentic Feminine Radiance: Rediscover Feeling Sensuous, Juicy & Alive

  • Tap your creativity as a spiritual practice and oracle for your life.

  • Access the wisdom of your Divine Guidance so you feel Clear & Confident

  • Balance your masculine and feminine inside and out.

  • Release old blocks and challenges (as they arise) that keep getting in your way

  • Discover new ways of being when living (and working) from the deeper desires of your Feminine Soul

This 7 week virtual course is a gateway to your inner temple, where you weave the magic of Magdalene and priestess your life as a deeper, mystical, sacred path.

This class is perfect for someone who’s experienced in her spiritual journey and knows she wants more Feminine Soul. Who wants to activate and embody the goddess self, and apply that into her daily life—not just workshops and weekend retreats. Be a priestess in your life, everyday.

This is not just about creating change in your life but catalyzing change in the world around youbecause I know you want that.

I imagine it will be an intimate group, which you’ll access via phone or Zoom, which is super easy to use. I’ll share the core skills of these 7 modules distilled from my 22+ years counseling & coaching women just like you.

We’ll start Wednesday September 27, around Autumn Equinox where light & dark, masculine & feminine are in balance. Nice?

Want to learn more? Get the details and reserve a spot here.

Here’s to being all you already are, unveiled,

in love,

PS Since this is a maiden voyage, I wanted it to be accessible to as many as possible. So I kept the price affordably low–$97 for all seven sessions (and a Bonus Q & A class). Honestly, I don’t know I’ll do this that way again, so jump in if you feel called.

We’ll start September 27, to take advantage of the balancing, centering energy of the Equinox. If you know someone who’d resonate with this, please forward this email.