There’s a story that keeps coming to me to share, that I don’t usually tell about how I came to receive the downloads and write The Magdalene Path.

By outer appearances, I had what looked like a very good life, but I was secretly miserable. I couldn’t figure out why: I “had it all.” Nothing explained my malaise.

I sensed there was a deeper calling, something “more” I was here to do or be. But I had no idea what it was. I had reached my goals, and frankly they left me wanting.

Maybe you relate to that.

I was already living a pretty “spiritual” life. This took me deeper, searching for my purpose. And I discovered a practice that allowed me to tap into the voice of my soul, a trusted divine guide.

Instead of fumbling around with intuitive hunches, I allowed Her to tell me my purpose. I loved it! I got trained & certified to use this process with clients, and thought I was set….

Not exactly.

Instead, my guidance was pointing me to towards writing a book about the reawakening of the Divine Feminine through/with Mary Magdalene. I resisted like crazy (I’d had guidance about this for years that I “conveniently” forgot) but always came back to this purpose. I worked through unconscious fears and then the downloads came, becoming The Magdalene Path book. (ta da!)

But there’s another part of the story, I don’t usually tell….

I already had access to spirit through journalling—years earlier, long before learning the True Purpose(tm) process—I just wasn’t using it.

Rewind to my 20s (an earlier period of doubt and malaise): I had embarked on a spiritual quest of sorts. A fun meander into the esoteric realm of astrology, crystals, meditation, and channeled books, etc. At one point I wondered if I could do automatic writing and discovered I could.

But, being the 80s, there was no internet, no one to guide me in coastal Maine where I was living. I had no mentor to show me ways to stay safe exploring the etheric realms, how to make the highest connections, ask the right questions, and validate what I was receiving.

Gratefully, nothing bad happened that summer, but my lack of trust in my process caused me to I put it away–for a while. But this voice of guidance never left me, appearing in my journals when I was upset, confused, sad. It always soothed, guided and directed me.

Years later the story I usually tell resumes, when I learned how to clearly and confidently access what I had experienced long ago—and make sense of it. I mastered how to make the highest connections, (AND clear it up when it was foggy), safely discern types of guidance, get clear answers, navigate the etheric realms, and validate the guidance I was receiving.

I could trust myself and the wisdom that was coming through and use it in my life.

Now when I talk with women (and men) like you about fears, confusion, and misgivings about the bigger calling you sense and decisions you need to make: I get it.

I also know how brilliant it is to have inner guidance and that inner reassurance and confidence that clarity brings.

When you can connect with your own higher guidance, you can access the soul of your business, book, or any project.

It’s my go-to spiritual writing practice and a powerful tool–long ago named Listening To Spirit— to receive clarity and insight for decision-making.

And for spirit-led entrepreneurs or writers of soul-inspired books, can you see how this might be handy? You can connect with the soul of your business or project (I do this for everything I offer you.)

Meet the voice of higher wisdom and guidance, for greater life clarity and direction.

And for writers, commune with the characters or essence of your book that feels elusive or off-track.

Connect with the soul of your book, project or business.

Is that appealing to you?

I’ve wanted to teach this for a long time and finally developed a way to share that with you virtually in a day retreat on and off Zoom. I’ve got it priced so you pay from your heart. See details and register here.

You don’t have to struggle and do it alone.

Let’s dip into the well of mystery and find your guidance, writing your soul,

PS Enjoy a full day of retreat–right in your own temple home –devoted to Divine Guidance connection.

With on & off-line sacred journalling writing practices, meditation, and simple ritual for soul care, spiritual nourishment, and sisterhood support in sacred space. (Brothers welcome, too.)

Explore higher guidance connection, with kindred souls, in group learning/practice time on Zoom, with time away offline, on your own to write, draw, create, pray, meditate and wander.

Listening to Spirit : Writing Your Soul ~ Virtual Retreat is Friday May 29. Join us!

More details here.