I’m aware of the themes of Priestessing and Sisterhood showing up lately. And I’m exploring what it means in this post-modern age of secularism and strained Christianity.

The role of the priestess: it’s really a missing link in religious/spiritual life–isn’t it?
I wondered, “What exactly is Priestessing, and what am I inviting women into?”

My practice is to take these questions into meditation, for reflection with Divine guidance. I felt her presence and heard this sweet reply from Mary Magdalene.

“A space and sense of the sacred, in themselves and in sisterhood circles with other women. You are awakening a new power center in women that has been dormant for ages. Stripped and denied of spiritual power—sovereign authority that translated into centuries of abuse and neglect of women’s power and wisdom in favor of the male.

Now that’s being reconfigured and you are at the heart of this with Sisterhood and Priestessing. The archetype of the priestess is awakening, and she is presiding over domains that are religious and secularfor all are one and the same.

The new priestess does not serve in convent or church, necessarily, though she may. Her deepest devotion is to her spiritual path and that spans dogma and congregation. She may reside in a community, but her tastes, beliefs and preferences are often larger than the norm of her group.

The new priestess knows personal spiritual practices as the access points of bliss: meditation, prayer, journaling, time in nature, creative arts and movement. (Though she may be remiss in using them, life being what it is.)

She hungers for a direct connection to the Divine and seeks experiences that facilitate this.

The new priestess knows her body is a sacred temple—that wisdom and truth live buried within her. And she seeks to unveil these mysteries.

Despite the complexities of modern life she knows at her core that she is a mystic and shamaness, moving between worlds. Even if she isn’t practicing regularly, this is the world she loves to live within.

The new priestess seeks the solace of others–sisters who share her path–yet she hungers for solitude and the beauty of nature to reset and reconnect her when life gets weary.

Her practices vary with the seasons and phases of the moon. She’s not bound to custom or tradition, and she leans on both to draw from the sacred well that connects her to Source.

The new priestess seeks the sweet surrender and clarity of communion through Divine connection. There are many holy guides.

She seeks the sacred mysteries, (often mislabeled as heresy) that reveal a deeper Truth, that her soul knows in resonance. Her purpose guides her path.”

Welcome, sister. Let’s move forward together and embody this new/ancient archetype of the Priestess. Make it your own!

P.S. There’s more on this emerging…
If you’re ready for this direct connection with your guidance, and don’t want to wait, see more here.

SAVE THE DATE: July 22 is the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene, so I thought that would be a GREAT day to have a live virtual retreat, around Magdalene Mysteries and Activating the New Priestess.

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