I’m up in the middle of the night, again (it’s been happening lately, sigh) and after all the Tapping, Rosary-praying, meditation, etc., I start to realize: I’m awake for a reason.

Inwardly I turn to Mary Magdalene — my spiritual guide since writing The Magdalene Path — and feel her presence with these words forming,

“Yes darling, it is I. I’ve been waking you in these wee hours because it’s so quiet energetically. I’m sorry to wake you, but we need to talk.”

Uh oh. Ok, I wonder, what’s up?

Mary Magdalene begins, “Nothing to be alarmed about, it’s a deepening of your process personally and professionally. A deeper walking in the way of Love, the path of Embodiment.

For so long (eons in fact) the spiritual systems that most have studied have been designed for and about men, and that is, by necessity to their spiritual evolution, been about transformation and ascension. Lifting out of the ego, into the higher realms of consciousness through practices and beliefs that are largely about escaping this worldly experience, (i.e. the egoic realm) to ascend to the Father in Heaven. Practices which are largely ascetic and body-denying, to support the male from becoming too engrossed in 3d reality. (And thus is the focus of most major religious practices throughout time. While of course we are not talking about all men, for it is not needed by all, but many.)

Spirituality has equaled asceticism, denial, removal. Up and out of your physical body in this mortal coil. Think of sanyasi in Indian ashrams, monks of all ilk in cloisters, abbeys, ashrams & monasteries in east and west.

This has been a true and good path for many eons. But it only serves half of the population, the masculine portion. And even women in man-mode are not benefitted, for it does not support them in returning to their true alignment in balance and harmony, of/with masculine and feminine within.

Incarnational spirituality is the path of the feminine soul, the journey of woman returning to herself in balance, the way of Goddessing (which is not necessarily the same as worshipping the Goddess, though it could be included.) A process of homecoming into your Self and your body.”

The Path of Embodiment

“So,” I ask, “what IS this path of embodiment?” Her answer only slightly shocked me…

Magdalene explains, “It is a coming home to self. Rooting more deeply into the essence and energy of Earth. Connection with life as we know it is foundational and so innate for most women, and yet you are constantly taught to deny those urges by your culture through restrictive eating (diet culture), abusive exercise (working out like a man, not listening in a way that really supports your body’s desire to move), obsessive reliance on consumerism (which fixates on object worship and is not soul-fulfilling), denial of feelings and intuitive knowing, and misplaced connection to the earth (by denying your natural rhythms and cycles.)”

“Well,” I quip, “this seems like what it is NOT. Which means it is…”

“Embodiment is incarnational spirituality. A path of presence, reconnecting with your native, innate nature as a human-goddess on the earth. Bringing Spirit into form,” Magdalene adds.

I think to myself, this still seems a bit vague.

“We are just warming up,” She continues. “And warming YOU up to the idea that this is a deepening path for you. (And those you work with.) Most of what we want to offer you here is a deepening of what you are already offering, expressing and doing. Just being more transparent or overt about it. There are those who realize they are too “in their head” and don’t know how to access the body, the heart, the womb mysteries.

Certainly much of this is covered in The Magdalene Path, and that is an excellent place to begin. But there are others who desire a more focused and direct approach (Ironically, masculine in style) and this will speak to them. We hope.

But for you, that has been the essence (and intention) of your sojourn away. Recalibrating your own embodiment, coming home to self and soul. Hearing the wisdom of your heart. Feeling the movement of your own innate pulse, timing, rhythm and flow. Not impulsive, (as women are so often taught to believe) but as guidance from your own body-wisdom.

For this is available: Truth from body wisdom. Something so many women have become divorced and distanced from that they (you) do not even see this as a valuable commodity to experience or embody.

Embodiment practice is incarnational theology. So opposite the last four thousand years! It was a necessary diversion, as it has meant moving from so deeply within the Earth rhythms, and false superstitions of Nature, into contact with deeper/richer realms of thought and wisdom. Noting here that higher is not better, that is a fallacy of ascension theology, which you can see is bringing your culture to the brink of failure and dissolution.

But reading about incarnational theology misses the point. This download is intended to spur you to new awareness, with practices that can then be shared in a brief manner. (Perhaps a book, or series of articles.) But inclined towards getting women in contact with a yearning that is already present, and perhaps a desire to connect and learn more.

The path of the goddess is essentially embodied spirituality. We can share more about this next, but now seems time for more sleep,” She concluded. (Hint: There’s a way in which your life can be spiritual practice, not a distraction from, but a deepening in.)”

“YES!” I reply. “Thank you for this. I’m excited to see where it goes next.”

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