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Claire Sierra, MA, LFT, is the author/founder of The Magdalene Path – Awaken the Power of Your Feminine Soul ©. An Arts Therapist, certified True Purpose™ Coach and Reiki Master, Claire has guided thousands of women who feel lost & confused about their purpose, to connect to their divine guidance for clarity & confidence about their true path. She’s led creative soul-centered workshops, retreats and private sessions for over 2 decades. To support greater re-connection she and her husband recently became proprietors of the Balch Hotel, a boutique destination retreat in the Columbia River Gorge, in Oregon. (visit www.BalchHotel.com) For free resources on your path, go to: www.MagdalenePath.com for sample chapters, meditations, audio interviews and more.

Activate Your Solstice Magic


Hard to believe that we celebrated Summer Solstice, last week. As nature comes into full bloom, blazing with vitality, the light of Solstice reminds us of what's possible within us and the abundance that surrounds us. But here’s the thing, sister. Solstice isn't a DAY, it's a season--like Easter or Christmas. It reminds us to reconnect with our wild nature, bask in the summer sun and feel the earth beneath our feet. Solstice invites us to connect with the Earth as Divine, awakening ancient pulses from priestess temples in our modern-day lives. Do you feel the call to activate your

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Embracing the Radiance: Summer Solstice


  As the sun reaches its highest point in the sky, we celebrate Summer Solstice. This magical marker of the longest day this year and the official arrival of Summer--in the Northern Hemisphere. (That’s funny as it’s been so cool, I’m in a wooly sweater.) Nature comes into full bloom, buzzing with vitality. Solstice reminds us of the potentiality that lies before us, and the abundance that surrounds us. Summer Solstice beckons us to immerse ourselves in the Earth as Divine. It awakens in us ancient pulses from priestess temples for our modern-day lives. It’s time to reconnect with our

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Insider Update: Shadow Dancing To A New Way


I haven’t beamed in here much lately and I feel a twinge of remorse. But here's why: I’ve been in a deep soul clearing. a shadow sabbatical of sorts. After a long Winter (skipping Spring) Summer is here and I thought it would be useful to share with you a bit of what's been going on behind the scenes. It’s been a long, quiet, dark season for me. But now, the stars and the energy is shifting. Change is in the air. I was invited into a new way of Being this year. While it was willing, it wasn't chosen.

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Equinox Download: From Balance To Wholeness


It’s been a long time since I've written and you’ve been in my heart. Many big things have been moving behind the scenes. It’s been a tumultuous time, as I’ve been unraveling old ways of operating that are expired now and no longer useful. Not to say that’s easy, as the old to new transition is not firm in footing. So it’s been a wobbly time. Deep underground gestating the new. But now I feel firmly through to the other side, which brings me here to you. **I’ve also been creating a new community space for us to gather in—online—and

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Secrets To Living a Divine Feminine New Year


I’m in the desert at the Goddess Temple outside of Las Vegas. An unlikely place for a Divine Feminine oasis? She’s needed here: across the highway is a military training zone. Crikey. Perched in the sunshine on the edge of the desert--just after the reflection and review of the year at Solstice. It’s a rare slow moment for replenishment after a busy summer, autumn, and holiday season. It's the beginning of a month long road trip, letting spirit lead the way.  Part retreat, part vacation, all about rejuvenation and connecting with the possibility that’s in front of us. It’s time

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Are You Measuring Your Work With The Wrong Yardstick?


“This is a ministry not a business.” I heard these words clearly from Mary Magdalene one morning, as I was coming out of meditation and prayer. Let me share the context for this inspiration. As an author, art therapist and spiritual coach I’ve finally begun seeing a sustainable way to supporting women in empowered living through embodiment of the Sacred Feminine through my book, The Magdalene Path. It’s taken 8 years and a lot of investment and wrong turns to find an aligned path. But dismantling internalized patriarchal programming takes a while (even for me) and I had a recent

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What Is The Path of Embodiment?


I’m up in the middle of the night, again (it’s been happening lately, sigh) and after all the Tapping, Rosary-praying, meditation, etc., I start to realize: I’m awake for a reason. Inwardly I turn to Mary Magdalene — my spiritual guide since writing The Magdalene Path — and feel her presence with these words forming, “Yes darling, it is I. I’ve been waking you in these wee hours because it’s so quiet energetically. I’m sorry to wake you, but we need to talk.” Uh oh. Ok, I wonder, what’s up? Mary Magdalene begins, “Nothing to be alarmed about, it’s a

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The Struggle In So Many Hearts Right Now


During my retreat, I discovered that many of us are feeling off, adrift, & discontented in the world. (It wasn’t just me!?) We’re in a real moment. Many are struggling to find what or who we want to be now, after the disruption and chaos of the pandemic, in the midst of various global political and climate crisis. It’s a period of disruption as we see so many systems start to deconstruct. It’s no surprise yet its easy to forget, too. It’s human nature to want to cling to or try to duct tape those structures back together. Even though

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What I Discovered on Retreat Surprised Me


When I conjured the idea of time away, I thought of pilgrimage. Time to rest and replenish. I had things in my heart and soul that needed sorting, for a long time. Europe was not my destination. What far flung mystical locales were within driving distance? A list was started. Then abandoned. I did what was easy. Not exotic. Just soul satisfying--I hoped. I cried leaving, yet I knew I needed to do it. I was nervous about traveling alone. (Most good/real adventures require courage. Writing and publishing The Magdalene Path sure did!) I made a loose plan: beautiful places,

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This Question Brought Me Back to Wholeness


During my month long sojourn my primary intention was to replenish and re-calibrate myself. To re-find my own flow, rhythm, timing. To realign parts that were off and see what really was calling me. To do this, I was guided to “wonder & wander.” (No plan. Yikes!) The impact was phenomenal. Each day asking, "What do I feel like doing now?"  When that was complete, asking again. And so on. That simple yet complicated question has brought me back to wholeness. With subtle shifts, healing, and big insights, too. (In ways I probably have not fully reaped.) It’s returned me

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