Lately I’m so aware that globally (and even in this fine land) most women still don’t feel safe and sacred in daily life. Things are better in the western world—if you’re a white woman—but for others here and around the planet, the state of being female is abysmal. In some lands, it’s close to slavery.

You think I exaggerate? Imagine spending 7 to 18 hours a day (!!) on life activities like gathering water and wood for cooking over fire, then cleaning up without running water. Exhausting!

Imagine needing your husband’s (or father’s) permission to go outside or talk to another man. Or being unable to drive a car, own property, inherit your family assets, just because you are female. Devastating!

Women are still earning less than men across the board, and are unequally represented in leadership of government, industry, education, business and healthcare. Unconscionable!

How can feminine values be integrated if our voices are not heard, if we’re not at the table?

Embodied Wisdom as Empowerment

Awakening the divine feminine is not some airy-fairy ideal. It’s an act of empowerment: knowing women and girls are sacred and equal beings.

That can’t just be a theory, a cool concept in your head. You need to feel it in your body.

Embodied feminine wisdom is a longing for spiritual knowing—connection with the Divine force of life—in the body. It is not remote and disembodied, an invisible god in the sky, disconnected from our core selves.

This kind of connection creates empowerment from within. In the bones and blood of our being. And it is the birthright of all humanity.

When we feel empowered, everything changes. We can ask for and get what we need to be safe and supported. We can follow our passion and find our calling. And say no to the abuses that must stop.

Right now we need this more than ever, to make the changes that are needed in our culture, to create equality and value diversity. (Hint: Mono-cultures die!)

Instead, through embodied presence we can vision and create the life and world that our hearts know is possible. Believe you have access to make that happen, sister. And so it is!

This is why the priestess archetype is rising again for so many women. She’s an ancient image of empowerment personified, a force of nature aligned in her own love and life, that’s all too relevant now.

More women owning their value as leaders, healers and wise guides? Hell yeah, it’s time.

Are you ready to claim more of you? To shift the inner story and get a move on the calling that’s been bugging you? (You know, that niggling feeling that there’s something more for you here, now.)

Let’s do something with that! This week I’m trying something old in a new way: Schedule a Feminine Bliss Session with me, and if we decide to continue, I’ll apply that fee towards a longer package or experience. If not, you’re still gotten great value, clarity and support—sometimes one session is all you need!

Not ready to take that leap? Need to ask questions first? Set up a brief consultation with me and we’ll take it from there!

I’m ready, are you? Let’s do this, together,

In sisterhood,

P.S. Not ready to take that leap? Need to ask questions first? Set up a brief consultation with me and we’ll talk for 20 minutes and take it from there!