It’s been a long time since I’ve written and you’ve been in my heart. Many big things have been moving behind the scenes. It’s been a tumultuous time, as I’ve been unraveling old ways of operating that are expired now and no longer useful.

Not to say that’s easy, as the old to new transition is not firm in footing. So it’s been a wobbly time. Deep underground gestating the new. But now I feel firmly through to the other side, which brings me here to you.

**I’ve also been creating a new community space for us to gather in—online—and I’m excited to share that with you very soon. But first this.

During my morning meditation, I connected with Mary Magdalene and asked for a message for us, to be shared in our Monthly Rosary Circle for Equinox and Dark Moon, today. (Were you not there? We missed you! Register here for replay or join next month)

This is what Magdalene said,

“You (all) are on the cusp of the new beginning. You cannot see this yet, as one never can see the full journey at the outset. But a mighty shift is in play, as the stars do their magic and release cosmic forces that impact lives invisibly (yet palpably.)

It is always, as they say, darkest before dawn, and although Spring births anew, there is still heaviness to be shed, as the density of winter starts to release.

This has been a challenging quarter for many, but the veils are lifting, and new light is beginning to emerge. The stodgy, recalcitrant energy of this winter’s rest period is now completing. We hope you found it refreshing, not finding this natural turn debilitating in its lack of motion.

Great learning has resulted as many once again have reviewed life habits, patterns, and beliefs to find them lacking. Instead, deepening into true soul desires for a life well and uniquely lived, not programmed by external forces of culture and family.

Finding your way, to your own unique and perfect life expression is the Path of Joy. And it is where many of you focus now. Releasing old patterns in patterning of guilt, obligation, and cultural programming for “success” that is part of an old model, an old way of living/being that is not aligned with Soul Truth.

Working in harmony with family, partners, community, and culture are all important and necessary for harmonious living—but not at the expense of the soul self’s true wonder, joy, and awe.

Weaving soul longing into the life path picture is now aligned and necessary for each to make her own unique contribution, purpose and blessing gifts. So it is not, as you say, “time to throw baby away with bathwater.” Instead, time to weave all these new parts whole.

In your own joy you will find greatest self-expression leading to most aligned work, home, community, love, life. You must be part be part of your own equation or the project (whatever it might be) will not work.

No longer can the sacrifices of self to meet larger end goals work. You are the contribution and so is your joy.

The uplift of right alignment is of paramount import and as the stars move into this new alignment ever more so. You will find it far more fluid and supported, as these patterns take hold and shed their energetic influence. You will find greater ease and grace as you move into motion with Spring

Continue to center your joy in all projects and small shifts will bring great (though subtle) gains.

However, in this time of movement and uplift, rest is still of great import to maintain energy in strong times like these. Know you are supported beyond measure and the light of the stars flows within you. Reach out as needed. We are always here. Blessed be.”

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Artwork & text: (C) 2023 Claire Sierra, The Magdalene Path ™