I haven’t beamed in here much lately and I feel a twinge of remorse. But here’s why: I’ve been in a deep soul clearing. a shadow sabbatical of sorts.

After a long Winter (skipping Spring) Summer is here and I thought it would be useful to share with you a bit of what’s been going on behind the scenes.

It’s been a long, quiet, dark season for me. But now, the stars and the energy is shifting. Change is in the air.

I was invited into a new way of Being this year. While it was willing, it wasn’t chosen. If you know what I mean. I’ve often felt like the caterpillar in the goo of deconstruction–before rebirth as butterfly. (Yeah, not so pretty.)

I realized this was an initiation of epic proportion, a shadow clearing. A gift, but a hard one to unwrap. I leaned into soul care and spiritual practices to return to center and re-find alignment.

Everything I was doing, including a new place & ways for us to gather lost their joy. I wasn’t finding ease in the project. Stubbornly, I persevered. (That’s man-mode we’re trained in, right? I’m not immune!)

No longer can I push and force—something I relied on more than I realized. Like a software upgrade, that path is open no longer.

I put all my projects aside. All my plans and ideas, shelved.

So I backed out to find a new way. If I wasn’t in-joying it, how could I share it with you? I put everything on pause, until a new way was revealed. (That was super hard for the ambitious part of me.)

I spent my days listening, waiting and wondering and waiting for the muse to spark inspired action…

Everything needs to feel right–in alignment–to make it happen. I wait for the inspiration/motivation to arrive.

It’s lovely or awkward, depending on the day.

Then, at Beltane (May 1st, or May Day) a huge shift. And now the veil is lifted, light is peeking through.

We can no longer resist it: this change we’ve hoped and prayed for, is coming. Our our luminous being, Divine Feminine essence self, She is HERE. (More on this later.)