I’m in the desert at the Goddess Temple outside of Las Vegas. An unlikely place for a Divine Feminine oasis? She’s needed here: across the highway is a military training zone. Crikey.

Perched in the sunshine on the edge of the desert–just after the reflection and review of the year at Solstice. It’s a rare slow moment for replenishment after a busy summer, autumn, and holiday season.

It’s the beginning of a month long road trip, letting spirit lead the way.  Part retreat, part vacation, all about rejuvenation and connecting with the possibility that’s in front of us. It’s time to shift our gaze and peer into the mystery of the year ahead.

What Did You Discover About Last Year?

Have you taken the time to do a review of 2022? Did you see, remember and reflect on all the blessings this year brought you?

It’s important to do a thorough assessment of what was, so that you can move forward in a clear space. It’s hard to decide/see where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been.

Unlike many others, I don’t recommend planning the next year at the end of the previous one. I prefer to experience the energy that’s happening and enjoy the end of year pause to reflect and digest.

When the new year happens you’re freshly present in the new energy. Ready to receive the dreams, hopes and visions that are ahead.

Meet Your New Year with Feminine Soul

Access your divine feminine guide, and connect with the messages and magic that Magdalene has for you.

Naturally, I have a process I like to embark and explore with, using creativity, art, writing, ritual and the imaginal realm. Be concrete and visionary, combined.

Ask questions like:

  • What would I do differently this year? (Think habit, pattern or mindset. Avoid guilt, shame, comparison)
  • What worked well that I want more of? What do I desire more of this year?
  • How do I want to feel this year? (Notice what feels most juicy and compelling)
  • What images, symbols or archetypal themes are speaking to you as we begin this new year? (You don’t have to understand them yet.)
  • And many, many more that really help you tap the intuitive, visionary, feminine realm of the creatrix you are (or want to be!)

Tap Into the Intuitive, Visionary, Creative Realm of the Divine Feminine This Year

Need help carving the time out for this? I have a plan… I’m going to dive into this process in a short virtual retreat on Tuesday, January 10 at 9 am PT.

Vision this year and see what’s possible. When we do, magic can happen, as if out of nowhere. (All of which I’m skilled at helping you with–reach out for a private session here.)

Quiet and receptive, we can receive the unseen messages of our year, and see our selves and our life in new ways, with fresh perspectives. 

In our retreat, we’ll explore, vision, receive and allow all that’s available in your new year. Explore in meditation, ritual,
art, writing, image, and oracle, too. With love and compassion, turn towards the energy that’s coming ahead.

We’ll pivot into juicy questions to really receive the depth of what’s possible for you.

I’m offering this to my community on Patreon* (as a gift) but I’m also inviting you!

A Mini-Retreat for Visioning Your New Year…!

When? Tuesday January 10 from 9 – 10:30 am Pacific via Zoom.

This is an inner circle offering in Patreon*, so I don’t have a webpage with loads of info and fancy graphics. But you can register here and we’ll send meeting details when we get closer to the event. To join us reserve your spot here.

We’ll email you the zoom link and other details by hand, so be patient.

Can’t make it?  We’ll send you the recording if you let us know.

Feel inspired to forward to your friends, they are welcome too!

(*Patreon peeps you get this for free, see the portal for details!)!