In my last article I promised to share a Divine Download I received after the great Notre Dame de Paris fire tragedy.

As a sacred place consecrated to Our Lady, the connection to Mary and Magdalene is palpable. I grieved at the loss of this great temple to the Divine Feminine.

Yet I reminded myself, it was NOT that, it’s bound by the patriarchal church authority. Both/and.

As I wrote previously, Notre Dame was built on an ancient goddess site–as many cathedrals and holy places are. Most assume “Our Lady” to be the Blessed Mother Mary, but in fact, these cathedrals (there are many Notre Dames) were dedicated to Mary Magdalene until the 1200s. (Read that article here)

(They all have Black Madonnas, too—coincidence?)

Magdalene is also Our Lady. She has so much to teach us, hiding in plain sight!

Rather than submit to the pundits, we can return to the inner wisdom of soul, a guiding deity or higher self. My practice, similar to writing The Magdalene Path is to center in prayer & meditation, asking for higher guidance to be revealed.

I call to the Maries — Magdalene and Madonna — and ask for guidance.I feel the soft embrace of their presence and inwardly hear their words to type,

“We weep. We weep for the loss of this precious place, this place that is a spiritual home to so many, including those who have never visited. But we are in a time of great dismantling and there is more to come. You know this and yet still react with surprise, no?

We show this time, this place for the sequence of unraveling to begin. There is much to be displaced as the only way to come back to the right, the good, the center. The church is burning. It is rotten and it is old.

This has been the case almost since the beginning, with Peter, Andrew and others usurping our natural power and authority as chosen by Yeshua, your Jesus.

The male church hierarchy was never how it was supposed to be! Our entire ministry was about partnership, equality, paired balance harmony.

We lived in a distinctly patriarchal and brutal time. Women were not more than animals in the eyes and law of our time. We were treated with cruelty and disrespect. Jesus came and showed a new way. And this we followed, joyfully. But it could not be preserved after his passing.

(Sitting outside, behind me a large hawk squalls loudly. My doorbell falls off the wall. Timing, coincidence?)

Two thousand years we have born this mis-truths about the message and ministry of The Way, which Jesus shared and we carried, as his mother and bride.

But that can be no more. The time is here for the truth of Magdalene, and Mary—for neither of us were portrayed in the power and beauty we shared.

Painting the Black Madonna white at the Cathedral was a step beyond and these things are all eventually brought to justice. All it karma, the law of cause and effect has it’s steadying hand. While the arc is wide, balance is always in play.

So the roof is off, we are open to the heavens now. The phallic steeple is down and with it is the masculine authority of the church. But the twin towers, the pillars of the temple, the feminine breasts of Mary and Magdalene, remain.

We celebrate.

In the midst of this sad event there is the opening to the new, the time which has been foretold. Celebrate the unmasking, the unveiling that must come.

Now is not a time for absolutes in any fixed answers about “what this means”, nigh in fact holding awareness lightly (literally, “full of light”) for Truth to reveal and Integrity to remain. In the meantime, celebrating the rebirth which this May Day—Mary Day—brings.”

It feels like the burning away of the masculine structure to reveal the Feminine energetic, the inner architecture, that has been buried under the facade.

And these passages are not neat and pretty, tied with bows and lace. The paired archetypes of Madonna and Mary encompass so many aspects of women’s wisdom and experience. The full gamut.

I’m excited to see where they lead us next.

What’s your perspective?

What do you think we are being called into now?

Let’s explore together, that’s the way, right?


PS *Coincidentally* I had been planning a Rose Temple for Beltane, Friday May 3, to dip into Magdalene and Madonna Mysteries.

Gather for an evening women’s temple, to experience your Divine Feminine Self and activate your inner priestess as we dive into Spring and the path of the Rose at Beltane.

Enjoy deep-dive connection, creative exploration, soulful conversation, and simple ceremony that spans religious traditions.

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