As the sun reaches its highest point in the sky, we celebrate Summer Solstice. This magical marker of the longest day this year and the official arrival of Summer–in the Northern Hemisphere. (That’s funny as it’s been so cool, I’m in a wooly sweater.)

Nature comes into full bloom, buzzing with vitality. Solstice reminds us of the potentiality that lies before us, and the abundance that surrounds us.

Summer Solstice beckons us to immerse ourselves in the Earth as Divine. It awakens in us ancient pulses from priestess temples for our modern-day lives. It’s time to reconnect with our wild nature, basking in the warmth of the sun and feeling the earth beneath our feet.

Activate Your Solstice Magic

And there’s a deeper spiritual significance you can tap into. Let the Sun radiate its luminosity to ignite your own inner light.

It’s a potent time to set intentions, release what no longer serves, and welcome positive change. Make time for reflection and gratitude, and celebrate the abundance in your life. (The power of this life hack can not be overstated.)

Celebrate the simple pleasures that bring joy. Rekindle the magic of living:
laughing with friends, meals outside, painted toes, and watching hummingbirds buzzing by.

Savor the present moment: the magic we are creating NOW. Our today manifests our tomorrow: our divine lives.

Pivot into Possibilities

As we embrace our radiance, we shed the dross of Winter’s heavy coat and step into this light with renewed verve. Harnessing the energy of this celestial event can be a pivot into a Summer of possibilities.

Sweetheart, as the sun dances across the sky, casting its enchanting spell upon the world, embrace the magic that surrounds you. Revel in abundance around you: the warmth of sisterhood, connection with Spirit, and the boundless potential that you/we are.

Let this day incite with hope, love, and an unwavering belief in who and what you’ve come here to be. Bring it!

Solstice Prayer Circle

Explore the mysteries of this magical season in community–our power prayer circle. The movements on the wheel of the year–like the Solstice– mirror and support our inner process and outer life.

We’ll be reveling together, exploring these themes, in our Monthly Magdalene Rosary. Join us!  If you’re not yet registered, sign up here.

Radiating sunshine from my heart to yours, sister,


PS Maybe your Solstice is not shining so bright—or the light is showing you places NOT working for you—where your magic is not activated or expressed. It’s been a rough patch for many of us, and now is a great time to let it go.

I’m inspired to help you through the portals of your soul initiation. To make sense of what you’re passing through. Bring healing, space and light. (It’s way too hard to do it alone. Scary, too!)

I have space in my calendar for some new clients, (both in person and on-line). So you can make the shifts that you’re longing for, to access the magic within you.

I put together a Summer Solstice Special just for you, sister.  Private sessions on sale. Check it out and reserve your spot! Limited time offer/availability.

The timing of these Soul Coaching sessions is always incredibly powerful and synchronistic. So, if this speaks to you, step in. Maybe it’s time to deepen into your own soul with a private session or 2.