Virtual Events: Monthly

Prayer and meditation are known portals to deeper states of ease, grace and flow–the hallmarks of Divine Feminine living. Access your deeper Soul connection and align your Feminine wisdom through Mary Magdalene. Experience a contemporary twist to an ancient prayer ritual that replenishes your Spirit.

Uncover the hidden mysteries of Magdalene as an emanation of Divine Feminine magic and grace. Discover ways to make this practice part of your own spiritual self-care. Enjoy this practice in sisterhood with others exploring The Magdalene Path (TM).

Join our circle of modern-day mystics led by Arts Therapist & Rose Priestess Claire Sierra, MA, LFT author/founder of The Magdalene Path (TM), via Zoom.

Gather on-line for this 1 hour virtual replenishment.
Every month on the 22nd at 10 am PT
via Zoom

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Magdalene Circle: Virtual Women’s Temple

Yearning for Deeper Connection to Your Feminine Soul Magic?

Enter a sacred space to receive higher guidance and express your authentic self. Gather for a monthly women’s temple to explore your Sacred Feminine Soul through the teachings and practices of Mary Magdalene. You’ll be guided to access your vision, find your voice, and gain confidence and courage to go for your soul desires.

Gather virtually via Zoom*

See details, dates and registration on our Patreon community HERE.

*And occasionally in person at the Balch Hotel in Dufur, Oregon.

In Person: Sister Soul Salons

Embrace the Wise Woman Within: Port Townsend, WA
You Are MAGIC: Awaken Your Feminine Soul

Women are waking up to our innate Feminine Soul magic… but are uncertain about how it helps us personally or as a collective. Gather in sacred circle to reclaim the hidden power of your Feminine Soul (essence) and activate the Wise Woman within. Release masculine overdrive and allow glorious Being and Magic to emerge!

Discover the secret teachings of Mary Magdalene and why they’re relevant for women today. Receive the new frequencies, messages and intentions that are bathing us this New Year.

  • Explore simple practices to receive, embody & authentically express your unique Feminine essence.
  • Access new capacities for Ease, Grace, and Flow in Leadership.
  • Transmute suffering, clear blocks & experience more Joy.
  • Discover how Mary Magdalene’s message guides us towards personal growth, as well as collective change.
  • Remember & align with your highest joy and purpose.

Gather in sacred circle to reclaim the hidden power of your Feminine Soul (essence) and activate the Wise Woman within… an afternoon of deep-dive connection, creative exploration delicious conversation, and soulful ritual that spans religious traditions.

Guided by Claire Sierra, MA, LFT Art Therapist and author/founder of The Magdalene Path™, owner of Spa Sanctuary and the Balch Hotel in the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon.
And Sound Healer, Rev Jan Jorgensen, of Queens Caravan in Port Townsend, WA

Thursday, February 8 1-3:30 pm | $22-33
Rose Bldg: 211 Taylor St. #201C, Port Townsend, WA

Sisterhood Suppers: Quarterly

Imagine your favorite girlfriends gathering for food and libations in a casual, elegant setting. The conversation flows as women gather: silly, serious, celebratory and authentic. The food and wine are locally sourced, fabulous and flowing, too.

Sisterhood Suppers are fun, casual, evenings for women. Join an intimate dinner party of 8 or less, where conversations that matter are sparked, and strangers become friends. (For a real girlfriend getaway, spend the night at the hotel! Or a soul nourishing priestess excursion, stay at the hotel and have a spa treatment the next day!)

Join us at the Balch Hotel and Bistro in Dufur, Oregon.

*Sisterhood Suppers are on pause for now.* Upcoming dates are HERE.

Want to host one in your own space? There’s magic in the details–let us lead the way. Contact Claire to explore this HERE.

Soul Art Painting Experiences

Gather with a small circle of creative allies. Guided by Claire Sierra, an experienced arts therapist and retreat facilitator, you’ll be guided to create a painting that’s your own and that you feel good about–regardless of experience or talent.

With personal attention and all supplies provided you’re supported to express your inner artist. Your own painting becomes a fun keepsake and gateway to self-expression.

Offered at gorgeous venues in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon: wineries, breweries and boutique hotels offering exceptional local wine, beer and artisan food.

**Soul Painting Experiences are on pause for now. ** See upcoming paintings, schedule and register HERE

Maybe you’d like to do this as a private event? (Imagine a birthday, bachelorette party, staff retreat, reunion, or girlfriend getaway.) Contact Claire to explore the possibilities.

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