Hard to believe that we celebrated Summer Solstice, last week. As nature comes into full bloom, blazing with vitality, the light of Solstice reminds us of what’s possible within us and the abundance that surrounds us.

But here’s the thing, sister. Solstice isn’t a DAY, it’s a season–like Easter or Christmas.

It reminds us to reconnect with our wild nature, bask in the summer sun and feel the earth beneath our feet. Solstice invites us to connect with the Earth as Divine, awakening ancient pulses from priestess temples in our modern-day lives.

Do you feel the call to activate your Solstice magic?

There’s a primal spiritual energy you can tap into. The radiant Sun ignites your own inner light. It’s a potent time to shed the heavy energy of Winter’s dark coat, let go of what no longer serves, set new intentions, and welcome positive change into our lives.

Harness the energy of this seasonal shift and step into the light of possibility. Savor the magic you are creating NOW. (Our todays are creating our tomorrows which becomes our soulful lives.)

Sweetheart, as the summer sun casts its enchanting spell, revel in abundance around you and embrace the magic that you are. Embrace your radiance with renewed verve.

Maybe this Solstice light is NOT shining so brightly—or it’s showing you places where life is NOT working for you—where your magic is not activated or expressed.

It’s been a rough patch for many of us, and now is a great time to heal and let it go to create space for what’s yearning to come through you.

If that resonates, I’m offering a Summer Solstice Special just for you, sister. (It’s something I’ve never done, but feels right now.) Private sessions on sale so you can make the shifts that you’re longing for — to access the magic within you.
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