Holy, Wholy, Winter Wonderland, Goddess… At the first of February, what seemed like the beginning of spring (AKA Imbolc, as I wrote last time) took a hard u-turn and winter came in full-on. That was a month ago. It’s been snowing steadily since.

I thought I’d get sick of it, cabin-fever and all. But actually I’ve relished it. Bright days cross country skiing in the back field helps and the view, OMG.

All the plans that poured out of me in September sit on a shelf.It’s very quiet, internal. I have ideas, but nothing compelling is demanding action. I just don’t feel like pushing it. I’m sick of the on-line hustle,

Is that you, too?

Here are a few ideas that might help.

We’re coming up on a New Moon, and I hear our friend Mercury is looking backwards for a bit. That adds to quietude and inner-reflection.

I feel like many of us are gestating something and we don’t know what it is. It’s like we’re on pause.

(Side note as a non-mother: it must be super weird to have a human being—a whole person inside you that you will spend scads of time with, but you don’t even know yet. That’s what I feel like, too!)

But I also sense we’re headed for a shift.

Other celestial energies are adding to the mix, I’m sure. Plus, the wacky political storms that we’re living in–brewing like regular thunderheads with no release.

The on-going trauma of seeing what’s happening in our world, not-knowing what to do—is paralyzing, if we let it.

This pause we’re in is a time of deep rest & inner work. Notice patterns, habits and shadow-stuff emerging that has been on auto-pilot for so long.

New layers of awareness that patterns of judgement and self-criticism, have actually not inspired change but in fact kept me from experiencing the goodness I seek and blessings that are abundantly present.

How’s this playing out in your psyche?

What are you noticing?

I don’t know about you, but this winter I’ve been crafting and creating like crazy. Painting, hand-sewing, jewelry-making, wall-finishing. Completing a bunch of little things, nothing exotic.

Except this…. my spa temple at the Balch Hotel–so that I could offer art therapy and soul coaching to the spa treatments here.

Hand layered gold paint. Shimmery deliciousness. I’m crazy in love!


Did I Forget To Tell You?

Yeah, I’ve been shifting and creating space, offering private counseling here(and virtually, of course) if you are done with feeling crappy (sad, anxious, frustrated) about your life and hungering to feel better.

You can come for a few hours or spend the night (since it’s a hotel!). Get a Spa Treatment. (Created some pretty bespoke issue-oriented spa combo packages, too!

As we tip into the New Moon, I’m expecting things to shift, for movement to want to be made.

In the meanwhile, I think I’ll head out for a quick ski break! I find the bright sparkly snow to be such a mood boost.

What are you doing to avoid the winter blues?

Sister, love, Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real thing. If you can’t get outside (and I hope you do), sitting in a bright window twenty minutes a day really helps.

Vitamin D is uber-important for me; hot baths, journalling passions/challenges, warm cups of tea with your beloveds…these are what makes winter yummy soul sourcing.

Let me know if you need support. You know we’re not meant to become ourselves BY ourselves. Right?

I’m ready, when you are, goddess.

P.S. In case you’re curious about my take on therapy: I use Art with Solution Focused Brief Therapy as a model: 10 sessions or less—I figure by the time you come to me, you’re ready to make change happen. (And this is what I did for ages in the past in mental health agency and private practice gigs.)

So it’s not what I call “yellow pad therapy—where you lay on a couch and talk for 5 years about your trauma. Your story is important, yes, but not always the best place to start.

Instead, you get information and learn skills to help release crap from your past and present that’s bogging you down. You’ll have practices to do in between sessions. So you can receive your soul’s destiny.

Using art we access your imaginal brilliance and deepest desires. Guided imagery and other tools align in your body so you live the life you’ve come here for! Honestly the whole process is fun. Deep, rich and magical, too.

I offer a 3 session package to get some movement happening. (Or simply start with a single session—for some that’s all they need.) We can have a free short private consult first, if you have questions before we dive in.