I’m not alone in saying this is a unique time. Despite the dominant culture’s thrum of “going back to normal,” I’ve never seen that as a viable option. I began seeing this as The Great Reset, a time of immense potential for us to create the world we’ve yearned for. (I bet you feel this way too.)

Cultural calamity was not a surprise–many have prophesied this awakening for 30 years. (Not that I ever expected a pandemic!!) This is humanity’s chance for Big Change–to finally remember what we truly are and come into balance with the natural world, and live in harmony.

Early on in this pandemic, I realized I had to limit my exposure to mainstream media, and the dominant culture’s message. I see the damage it does to others, and it was only going to make me freaked out. When we do tune in, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, off-kilter and distracted. Or worse: despairing, angry and afraid.

These are not empowerful places of co-creation. Getting connected on a deeper level is. (I’ll share a remedy, below.) Being part of the change means allowing the awakening to occur: directing attention to constantly remember and re-align with a higher Truth & vision.

We can tap this alchemical moment of creation and awaken the new Earth our hearts yearn for. (Hint: intentionality is key.)

It’s Not Accidental That We’re So Distracted & Busy

So while we thought we’d have so much time for creative projects and visioning, it’s not really happening. Most of us are as busy as ever, renegotiating the details of our life: stringing together some semblance of peace and normalcy while trying to keep our work-world together.

We’re trying to stay sane in an upsetting situation, I get it.

But to integrate profound shifts, create intentional time for deep reflection, nourishing soul visioning, and spiritual connection. Otherwise days fly off into some other dominant fear-based vibration.

It’s a time when being aligned with our inner wisdom is so crucial. We have to own our energy and access our sovereignty, now. Otherwise, drama, exhaustion, and breakdown ensue.

As an intuitive author, soul coach and spa priestess my spiritual practices guide my daily activities, to align and embody my soul wisdom. Creative projects that I’ve yearned to do for years ARE happening.

Honestly, sweet sister, I can’t imagine how people cope without tools to connect with inner wisdom. I want to share the process I use to connect with Divine guidance–and how I wrote The Magdalene Path.

Tap into the voice of your higher guidance–the portal of your soul–about your life, work, book or the soul of your business through writing, amidst the noise and distraction. Connect to intuition in ways that bring clear, tangible, direct information.

Dipping into your own cauldron of mystery is a tool of the ancient future. Grant yourself time and space to slow down to replenish & receive what you most need, during this crazily busy time.

What do you most need to hear or know?

  • A more open pathway to your higher guidance (a spirit guide or your higher self to guide you
  • A book or project that calls to you that you’re not that clear or excited about… (Perhaps fictional characters you want more insight into)…
  • Greater clarity and direction about your vision or business and want an intuitive approach to connect to the soul of your work.

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Listening to Spirit : Writing Your Soul ~ Virtual Retreat is May 29

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