We’ve morphed into a strange new normal, haven’t we? Despite resistance to change, humans are so creative & adaptive! But there are new ways of being to adjust to.

Lately there’s certain kind of tiredness developing: the impact of all the changes, how we live and work, added isolation… is it change fatigue?

The energy on the planet feels so high right now. (As an aside, the measurement of the earth’s electromagnetics, the Schumann Resonance, normally measuring 7-8 Hz has spiked to100 Hz!)

So, despite this time of seeming simplicity, there is SO much going on. A day is like a week.
No boredom here!

Didn’t you think we’d have all this time to read, write, create, daydream? I don’t know about you, I’m not lounging around.

(Unless I plan it in. That’s self/soul care, right?)

In the northern hemisphere, it’s May Day or Beltane, a time of spring and rebirth, celebrating the Rites of Spring in gatherings and ceremonies.

(Since replaced with outside fun like baseball opening, graduation, Easter, farmers’ markets and other cultural norms.)

Instead Here We Are, Sheltering In Place.

Right now Mama Gaia is having us in a forced winter break*. (Except there’s no snow outside.)

As I hear talk of “getting out of quarantine” and see signs that folks are getting edgy about all this time at home, I suspect that we may be doing this for a while.

Yet our human animal selves are yearning to be outside, busy and connecting with others — that’s our innate response to the seasonal rhythm. Plus, we’ve developed a tendency to distract and avoid by seeking solutions outside ourselves.

By always focusing outward, we avoid dealing with whatever that is.If you find yourself feeling edgy to get going, take a breath.

It’s time to go back in, deeper.

You may not want to, but there is something inside you waiting. A gift.

So here’s an unanticipated soul opportunity.

Meet that part of you. Tend to her, lovingly. See what she wants and needs. And utilize your practices for going within.

Dive deeper. Slow down.

Tips To Deepen & Re Connect

My deepening practices are writing, meditation and prayer. We’ve been exploring prayer lately. And there are a few meditations available here.

Writing as a go-to tool for self-care helps me absorb, digest and harvest my blessings, so I can think and feel through the challenges of my life.

It’s a powerful way to work out the arguments in your head and heart.

Your writing can also help you access higher guidance and divine wisdom. And turn into letters, articles, posts, and books. (It’s how I wrote The Magdalene Path. Interested in learning how? Stay tuned for my next virtual retreat!!)

What writing are you dabbling in? What do you want to explore?

As a long-time journaller, I use pen & paper as well as a computer document. Each have benefit.

Taking time to write your thoughts and feels during this time can be exceptionally helpful in managing family togetherness overload, emotional isolation, overwhelm, fear, joy, and inspiration that may come in this unusual time.

Some questions to start with:

  • What do I really, really, really want?
  • What’s truly going on here? (What do I really feel and think.)
  • What is Source (Divine/God/Goddess/ the Universe) wanting to create through me now?
  • What does my Divine Guidance wish to share now?

On this strange wonderful Beltane weekend, wander the forest or fields, celebrating the onset of spring. Find new rituals to connect with Earth whether that’s solo or with your shelter-in-place-mates.

Reflect on what new spring shoots may be just popping up, despite this “forced winter”* as we await the new growth and signs of Spring.

Bowing in Her honor,

*Thanks to Carol McClelland Fields for this concept.

PS Save the Date. Writing Your Soul ~ Listening to Spirit Virtual Retreat coming! May 21, 23, 28 or 30 (Please weigh in and vote via reply!) 9 am- 6 pm PT

Enjoy a full day devoted to Divine Guidance connection, writing practices, soul care, spiritual nourishment, and sisterhood support in sacred space. (Brothers welcome, also.)

With scheduled group practice time on Zoom, with time away on your own to write, draw, create, pray, meditate and wander. More Details coming.

But if all this quarantine is really shaking lose deeper discontent and bringing up big questions to navigate. Or maybe you’re really struggling with the changes you’re in the midst of. (Who isn’t right now?)

Activate your feminine essence to get soul guidance and direction about challenges in your life. Receive clarity about the situation or question that feels stuck.

Access the next steps to the life that is emerging through you. Discover nourishing solutions to move forward again that feels free and aligned. Embody connection with your Feminine Soul, to priestess your everyday life.

The Feminine Soul Clarity session is part oracle card reading, soul purpose coaching, energy healing, body wisdom meditation, and sacred oil anointingrooted in the ancient temples of the Divine Feminine.

Done from the comfort of your home temple on Zoom videoconferencing (it’s easy to use, trust me.)

See details and reserve a session.

I’ve been awed by the client feedback: I was at a crossroads and felt that I was stuck, something was in the way, and I didn’t know which way to go… the session was beautiful! And I received the right message, to consider new possibilities. I got exactly what I needed.”

Another shared, “Claire holds you with grace… to bring you clarity, kindness, and peace about sticky spots in your life.”

And finally, “It was a magnificent and deeply healing/nourishing experience! Thank you, Claire!

Is it time for your Feminine Soul Clarity?

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