When I conjured the idea of time away, I thought of pilgrimage. Time to rest and replenish. I had things in my heart and soul that needed sorting, for a long time.

Europe was not my destination. What far flung mystical locales were within driving distance?

A list was started. Then abandoned.

I did what was easy. Not exotic. Just soul satisfying–I hoped.

I cried leaving, yet I knew I needed to do it. I was nervous about traveling alone. (Most good/real adventures require courage. Writing and publishing The Magdalene Path sure did!)

I made a loose plan: beautiful places, not too far, near friends for support. I set a big intention and then cast my destiny path in motion. (With fingers cross that it went well.)

Leaning into meditation, prayer, writing and art (like you see here ^^) Listening to my body wisdom, going with the flow. Wandering the forest, sitting by the river. Naps! Reading! So nourishing!

What I discovered was surprising.

There was no missing piece, or secret yearning. No big life changes needed.
But subtle small meaningful shifts, releasing old patterns that really hurt.

I saw that I’ve really integrated the tools, practices and perspectives of the Magdalene priestess as my life. It works.

Crucial Wisdom Practices For Our Time

Remembering every day to turn towards beauty, grace, breath, nature, spirit. Being in Feminine Flow.

Embodied practice: Act when you’re inspired and energized, then rest. Review, re-calibrate, repeat.

Replenishment of Self and Soul are 2 parts of the Magdalene Path. (Not so common in our achievement centered culture, eh?)  Crucial practices for our time.

So once again, I’m gathering the circle.

Discover your intuition, creativity, sensuality, and beauty… a balanced, embodied, integrated version of yourself that you long to express.

If you feel called to deepen into YOUR practice of feminine embodiment, as a pathway of your Divine Feminine Soul, The Magdalene Path Program is starting in October. 

Is it time you stepped closer into this sisterhood?
You can read the details–and see the sale on now–here.

Your seat is warm and ready, sister. (Divinely aligned
brothers welcome, too.)


P.S. In case you didn’t know, Mary Magdalene was a brilliant leader and guide. Her story was repressed so we wouldn’t know the truth of who WE are.

Explore the mysteries of Magdalene, as modern day mystic.
Unwrap the hidden messages she has in store for you via The Magdalene Path Program

Over 7 weeks you clarify your desire, create your intention, learn the Mysteries of the Magdalene and weave her teachings into your life.  You’ll also: expand your soul, deepen your intuition, ignite your creativity, balance your inner marriage of masculine and feminine, re-inhabit with your body temple, and connect with your goddess guide.

Join a community of sisters (and a few awesome bros) who resonate with your evolutionary awesomeness on the Divine Feminine path.

Join us! Your seat in the circle awaits…claim it and join us, goddess!

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