Magdalene Circle

Monthly Groups for Inspiration and Deepening on The Magdalene Path

A Monthly Cauldron of Women’s Wisdom to Deepen Your Magdalene Path

We’re in a time of great change, sister. Being connected to Divine Feminine wisdom and nurturing your Soul is more important than ever.

You’ve taken programs, retreats, and workshops to connect with your Divine Feminine with Mary Magdaleneyou’ve probably even completed the Magdalene Path Program.  And experienced some powerful shifts. Yay!

Now it’s a matter of deepening and staying connected to your Feminine Soul, (so it doesn’t go dormant again) and be more balanced with your masculine side.

But it’s hard to make the time and space to keep it going on your own. 🙁

Perhaps you’ve noticed you’re slipping into old patterns. Feeling like you’re back where you started before you started awakening your Divine Feminine essence.

Don’t blame yourself, it’s not your fault. We’ve been raised in a patriarchal model that prioritizes your success by training you in living in man-mode.

Plus you’re busy, and this shift takes time to weave into a solid transformation. And it’s a drag to do it all alone.

Feed your Feminine Soul in Sisterhood

Deepen your exploration of  Divine Feminine tools and skills from The Magdalene Path — whether you’ve taken the virtual program, read the book, or just feel called.

Continue to reclaim your inner mystic as priestess and enjoy greater Feminine Soul embodiment. Deepen into greater connection with other like-minded sisters who resonate with your goddess path.

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Embody Your Soul’s Guidance & Wisdom

Feel the uplift of support being in a monthly circle of sisterhood.

Relax and recharge in this on-line experience from the comfort of your temple home.  Meet virtually (on Zoom) as if you’re tucked into a cozy spot in the ruby salon at the Balch Hotel

A place to explore the magic and mystery–as well as the perils and pitfalls–of awakening the Feminine Soul through and with Mary Magdalene via The Magdalene Path.

  • Access embodied spiritual connection with your inner priestess through Mary Magdalene, via creative arts, reflective practices, and simple ritual.
  • Feed your Feminine Soul,  through simple tools you can weave into your life.
  • Replenish though seasonal archetypal themes that express your deeper experience with Nature.
  • Explore the embodied Truth of your Feminine Soul, in a supportive circle of sisters. (Kindred brothers too.**)
  • Nurture your awakening feminine intelligence to balance the hyper-masculine mode that’s brought us to this edge.
  • Build relationships with like-minded sisters (And maybe a few awesome men.**) in a private cauldron of women’s wisdom to keep your growth happening.

Each month we’ll meet to explore, integrate and embody each of the seven modules from The Magdalene Path Program. We’ll use The Magdalene Path book and 7 module online program, as reference but not teaching it*—to activate your Feminine Soul and boost your Magdalene (or other goddess) connection.

Each month we’ll focus on a  theme that relates to one of the chapters from The Magdalene Path(TM). We’ll also be listening for seasonal and energetic themes in the collective, while also being flexible and responsive to the needs of the group as we gather.

Sample themes from The Magdalene Path that we’ll explore in our Magdalene Circle:

1. Remember The Truth: Who She Was, Who You Are (And Discover What’s Really Possible)

2. Balance Your Inner Masculine & Feminine for Integrated Living

3. Nourish Your Feminine Soul — Embody Your Radiance & Vitality

4. Release Old Patterns & Challenges to Empower Your Bigger Vision

5. Access Your Feminine Wisdom through Creativity & Intuition

6. Connect the Wisdom of Your Divine Guidance with Clarity

7. Priestess Your Life: Living, Loving & Leading from Feminine Soul

Retain Spiritual Alignment & Deepen Soul Embodiment Together

Enjoy deep-dive connection, soulful exploration, rich conversation, and creative ritual that spans ancient lineages & modern traditions. Guided by Claire Sierra, MA,  Expressive Arts Therapist, Priestess and Author/Founder of The Magdalene Path.

Join a monthly group where you can access your inner vision,  (re)gain clarity, and find courage to move confidently in these trying, tumultuous times.

*Haven’t experienced the Magdalene Path Program, but you’ve read the book? Or you’ve been exploring the Divine Feminine path and want to go deeper?  If you feel this is a good fit for your life, let’s have a quick conversation to be sure. Schedule a connection call here.

If you want the full experience of The Magdalene Path Program, our next start date is here.

Here’s What’s Included & How It Works:

  • Monthly 60 minute temple session: Last Wednesday or Thursday of the month at 10 am PT
  • Monthly 60 minute Magdalene Rosary – 22nd of each month at 10 am PT — included!
  • Magdalene Path Book Club — included! (First Wednesday or Thursday of the month at 10 am PT)
  • Private Patreon Conversations to connect, share and support each other in sisterhood as you deepen your embodied experience of the Magdalene Path.
  • Recordings Hub on Patreon for replays you can download to review and repeat, or when you are not able to make it live.
  • Bonus: Align & Embody Your Feminine Frequency video training (value $47)
  • Bonus: Magdalene Path Workbook PDF (value $9.95)
  • Bonus: Goddess Coloring book: PDF copy (value $9.95)

Magdalene Circle 60 minute Private Group
Last Thursday of the Month
10 am PT
  | 1 pm ET | 6 pm UK*
via Zoom

(*Check Your Time Zone Here)

$44 per month on Patreon
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*Our strength as a sisterhood is together.  Our circle is feminine-centered but open and inclusive, so female-identifying trans folks and men exploring their inner feminine are welcome, too!

**In the spirit of inviting diversity, equity and inclusiveness–and to humbly redress systemic racism and abusive economic inequality–BIPOC sisters are welcome to attend for 1/3 discount. Please email us to receive your scholarship coupon code before payment. We want all voices here.

Disclaimer: While Claire’s professional background and training are in Expressive Arts Therapy, this is spiritual coaching and not a substitute for medical, psychological, or psychiatric treatment. Please consult your provider if you are receiving treatment.

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