It’s almost the weekend, but before I head off line, (One of my Soul Care practices, how radical is that?) I want to share about something coming up in just over a week. You may have seen mention but I want to call your attention.

Good News! SisterSoul Salon comes to Cave Junction!

How do we manifest from our Feminine Center?
What if CREATIVITY is a Spiritual Tool or Practice that keeps you aligned with Feminine Soul?

Because that is the key: If we truly trust guidance, our connection to (and as)  Goddess/ Source in human form, we must shift our view of Timing and Outcome. It’s not always roses and butterflies.

One thing I’ve learned is creativity is about receiving and expressing of Feminine Soul.

And the more we tap it, the more available it is to us in so many areas of our lives.

It’s not just about painting or drawing. Its about letting the energy that creates worlds (YES) flow through us. It’s uncomfortable and chaotic l at times, frustrating, bliss-inducing and deeply spiritual. When we let it. (Sound like life?)

I’ve been talking to women who are ready for a creativity infusion.

And my delicious evening Soul Salons don’t have the space or time. Its been a gut-wrenching decision.I’ve been excited (and guided) to offer a juicy, soul-expressed art-making experience. for a long time…

Joins us Sunday March 15 for a 1/2 day art retreat at my home in Grants Pass. (See details below)

We’ll infuse prayer, meditation and intention into the whole experience, then dive into creating with a process that is weaves shamanic art therapy as artful divination.  And it’s really fun.

Enjoy the awesome Goddess blessings of Fakey Spring,

Goddess ArtSpa Day Retreat
Sunday March 15

Explore and Express your Creative Feminine Essence….
with Claire Sierra, MA
author of
The Magdalene Path

Do you want to express yourself artistically–but you can’t seem to find the time?

Maybe you know you want to create something, but don’t know what, or where to start?

Are you ready for a juicy, soul-expressed, guided art-making experience?

Give yourself the gift of an afternoon of creative play…

Let yourself be guided to access your inner vision, connect with your Goddess/ Guide and channel a beautiful, soul-inspired piece of art.

Its not scary, it’s simple and fun.

After we connect as a circle of sisters, we’ll infuse prayer, meditation and intention into our art.

You’ll learn a process that weaves Shamanic Art Therapy with guided, artful divination, using a Sacred Creativity process in The Magdalene Path* called Consecreation

I’ll teach this and then give you a copy of the book, so you can do it again, on your own.

We’ll also talk about:

  • What it takes to create art.
  • How to tap YOUR creative expression.
  • How to make time and space for creativity.
  • Tricks and tools to make your art look interesting, beautiful–and uniquely yours.
  • How to get unstuck.

*Included in your registration:  a signed copy of The Magdalene Path book. (If you already have a copy, I have other great gifts for you to choose from.)

 PLUS: When you sign up, I’ll email you registration details and a copy of The Goddess Coloring book, so you can play with creating some goddess guides for yourself. Just to get you started before we even begin.

This is something I’ve wanted (and been guided) to do for years. I’m so excited to offer this to you before I leave Southern Oregon. It will be really fun.

This will be an intimate boutique event. Limited to 8 women.

when:Sunday, March 1512-4pm  (potluck afterward-optional)
where: My home in Grants Pass
Directions provided after registration

how much: $50
includes a copy of The Magdalene Path and Goddess Coloring Book

The Last Southern Oregon Event, RSVP and Register HERE:

if this link doesn’t work, email me or send $50 via to