Life has been very interesting lately and I’m guessing I’m not the only one. I wrote this before a recent retreat, but neglected to hit “send.” I love the journey inward of Autumn.

Patterns that have been challenging in the past–things we thought we completed–seem to be back and highlighted. (Oh goody?)

Recent cycles have made patterns and habits that are outmoded and worn out impossibly maddeningly clear. I took a sabbatical week (Is that even a thing??) and made a nest in my bedroom so that I could rest, reflect and re-balance.

I dug into soul care and what brings me back to alignment. The tried and true methods that I know work.

With no where else to go, I knew the only option was slowing WAAAAAAY down. And experimenting. Finding my way back to a center I had not realized I lost allowed me to lean into what’s next.

Accessing the depth of Divine Feminine essence, expanded awareness, stillness.

Then… the real “work”–where it really matters: Finding ways to hold and embody this deepened expansive presence, as I walk out of morning prayer/meditation practices into the world of work.

I’m discovering ways to consistently maintain this state of being. It feels so indescribably sweet, soft, easy, gentle. Grounded, connected, expansive. Bliss.

Maybe you hunger for this embodied Feminine Soul presence too.

Finding Embodied Feminine Soul: The Magdalene Path Blessing

I’ve also—surprisingly—been drawn to re-read The Magdalene Path. In some ways I’m really meeting it for the first time: as a reader.

I’m using it as an oracle: asking a question and opening the book. I’ve found bright solace and inspiration which is unexpected and delightful.

It’s been surprisingly powerful: actually using the book to reconnect with the deeper, wiser, wilder, magical Feminine Essence that’s available as a lived experience. She’s waiting for you, sweet heart.

It’s showing up in client sessions, too. (I love how that happens!!)

Paula is visiting for a self-guided retreat with 2 spa treatments for herself. (She also picked up a copy of The Magdalene Path to read while here.)

She explained that her life has been busy with moving, too much work, and life changes lately. “I’ve misplaced my connection to my spiritual self,” she lamented, wanting help getting reconnected back to herself.

Her Magdalene Blessing session allowed us to drop deeply together into ritual, energy work, coaching and oracle reading. She was able to tap into a grounded expanded space, and then sort out a few niggling challenges that kept her from her Feminine Soul self. She received some nourishing solutions that answered her intention and seemed to be just what she needed to get back on track and moving forward again.

It was fun to share the new practices and processes that I’ve been experimenting with to maintain this connected soul space.

Maybe you’re next? This is possible for you too. Whether in person or virtual experience both can be potent.

Let me know what’s up for you. We’re making this shift together.

In sisterhood,