Growing up Catholic, Good Friday always seemed to be named wrong. (I mean, what was so good about a crucifixion, except a day off from school?!)

I’ve strayed from that path, but I’ve always been drawn to deeper story not always told. The hidden wisdom traditions. Even before I received guidance and “met” Mary Magdalene in meditation her real story was compelling to me.

Ok, obsession.

In the Christian Gospels we see her prominently in the Easter story, and yet her importance has been downplayed. Her story corrupted.

But her time has come.

As I’ve deepened into the mysteries of Magdalene, first writing/publishing The Magdalene Path, then studying, and traveling to sites where she ministered in France, it’s exhilarating to see the interest in Her blossom.

It makes sense. She (and the other Marys) are always present, the heart of the Easter story. She’s a goddess in the gospels, hiding in plain sight.

As priestess and beloved, she is the one to anoint Jesus into the Christ–which means the anointed one. She is the carrier of compassion and forgiveness at the heart of Yeshua’s teachings.

Her message is for us, if only we would look. And with it, healing, replenishment and soul alignment.

She points to the Way of Love and Light. Honoring the sacred feminine in spiritual balance.

Returning Magdalene to the center of the Christian teachings, where she belongs,  it’s the perfect time to deepen into the Magdalene Path.