Lately it’s obvious (though I’ve been thinking this for a while:) What if we stopped fighting “what is,” the near-constant struggle to fix and change life in 2021, our covid-tainted intensity, uncertainty, and strife?

What if we are missing the point of all it? (Remember the Great Reset? Did we get it?)

What if there are (even more) blessings, as-yet unacknowledged and unreceived in our absent attention?

What if there’s a better way to live that’s trying to peek through? Instead of fighting, can you let that in?

Lately I’m knowing that pushing and driving mostly no longer works. Consistent presence and attention, yes. But shoulder to the millstone, no. (Believe me, I’ve tried.)

This has meant letting go of “how I think I should look” and “how I think it should go” (according to whose ideals, thank you?) and be with what really is here. *

When I come from remembrance, that I’m partnering with Spirit, and the Divine guidance we receive augments and supports our plans, ideas and goals—and trust that my life is profoundly blessing and working for me, not to me. (While yes, simultaneously aware of the privilege that’s embedded here.)

Maybe—just maybe—it’s even better. This is living in Feminine flow, in partnership with the Divine. Mary Magdalene and the whole merry crew.

Can I do this every day, all the time? Yikes, no. But lately, more and more.

Where is this showing up for you? Maybe you’d like to explore what it looks like, in YOUR life (not just some nice theory, but in the real nitty and gritty of it.) I’ve got two holyday specials on offer that might facilitate that.

(In full transparency, when I started writing this article, I wasn’t thinking of sharing about it, but now I realize it would be silly not to.)

Feminine Soul Mentoring If you want 1:1 time with me to address any unresolved glitches (Maybe get your guidance validated? Or open your spiritual guidance or Magdalene connection, if it feels unclear? Or anything you need support with.

My signature Magdalene Session is for you if you’re wanting a direct experience/connection with Feminine Soul via Mary Magdalene: Receive personal guidance from Magdalene. Includes a Magdalene Blessing with anointing, energy healing, personal guided message and Magdalene Oracle Card reading. (And yes, it all works virtually) with