Virtual SisterSoul Salon…Is Here!

It’s finally time.

It’s crazy to realize it’s almost 2 years since I published The Magdalene Path. I’ve gotten such amazing feedback from so many of you.

And I consistently hear that it brings up a lot of thoughts, feelings, memories and ideas, so I figured its  time to gather and explore.  A virtual space for women to connect who want to go deeper into The Magdalene Path.

10-14-15 1Last spring, before we moved to The Balch Hotel, I was offering these Sister Soul Salon evenings  in my home, for just this purpose. Many of you wanted to come, but lived too far away.

So I promised to do a virtual version so that we can explore this paradigm shift of Feminine Soul that’s awakening in and around us.

It’s finally here. A free virtual event–we participate via phone or computer.

So let’s convene our circle virtually! We’ll sit together by phone (or webcast)—no makeup, no travel time–just you and me in our yoga pants and fuzzy slippers: girl time from the comfort of your own studio living room or studio.

It’s time, let’s do this,

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P.S. I know it’s short notice, but I hope you can make it.



Meet me for an online virtual retreat that will be casual and conversational.  We’ll explore ways you can create and maintain connection to your own guidance and more fully embody your Divine Feminine essence.

In our hour or so together, you will….

  •  Create sacred space together with ritual that supports deeper connection
  •  Explore your access to divine wisdom through meditation and prayer.
  •  Deepen your experience of Feminine Soul with other like minded sisters.
  •  Discuss ideas and perspectives from The Magdalene Path.
  •  Time for Q&A, laser coaching and discussion.

I’m excited to meet with women who are interested in exploring Magdalene magic and The Magdalene Path more deeply.  Sign up here.

I want this to be nourishing and interactive, creative and fun! Bring your cup of tea and cozy wrap!

Oh and I just thought of a cool creative surprise, so get your journal, pens/markers/pastels ready…

Since you’re part of the sisterhood here already, I wanted to offer you first dibs on a free seat in our SisterSoul Salon gathering.

Here are the details:
Tuesday, October 20th 5:30 pm Pacific/ 8:30pm Eastern
Call Info:  Go here for details

P.S. I want to expand this juicy conversation to include any woman who is hungry for it.  The overdrive of hyper-masculinity is killing us. We need each other now.Feel free to share this with your friends.  And share it on Facebook too, would you?  It’s time to make the shift and do this Divine Feminine thing for real.