What if We Got Her Story All Wrong?  

With autumn upon us, thoughts turn to changing leaves and Fall Harvest….apples, pumpkins, etc.  How timely that Bella Mia magazine has just released our latest issue, The Truth About Eve, featuring that iconic apple-wielder herself. (With a gorgeous photo of Southern Oregon’s Renee Jeffus on the cover—yum!)

10-8-15 1So I wanted to send you my article, Embodying the New Eve, (which I’ve excerpted for you below). It’s by far the most edgy confrontation of traditional beliefs that I’ve written for mainstream press. It excites and terrifies meto share it with you.

This whole issue really bumps up against cultural assumptions about women, beauty, sexuality and power. And as in all issues, it provides soul nourishment and tips for living an enlivened, embodied Feminine centered life—I  think you’ll love it.  

You can still sign up and receive this 150 page magazine for free—for now. Insider tip is that this will be a paid subscription item next year.  But not yet.

Honoring your edgy embodiment,

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 P.S. I finally have something very cool coming up and I want you to join me–be sure to read on below

Embodying the New Eve
excerpt from Bella Mia Magazine

10-8-15 2Tempted by the snake, Eve offered Adam fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Adam took the offered apple, which was forbidden by God. This act of defiance caused “the Fall of Man,” and Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden. Most traditions agree that this act of disobedience is our Original (and inherited) Sin.

Does this sound familiar?

Mainstream Christian dogma maintains it was Adam’s sin in eating the apple. Yet, for some reason, the widely held cultural assumption is that Eve, the temptress, was responsible. Thus all women, as daughters of Eve, are tainted and not to be trusted.

While deep and unconscious, this belief impacts the psyche of all women.  We are still unraveling the centuries of domination and negativity towards our gender that is seeded in early mistruths.

But what if we got it all wrong?

Is there was another way to view this story?  I went to meditation and asked Spirit for insight. (I wrote about this practice in The Magdalene Path, ©Balboa/Hay House 2014).

And this is what I received,

“Eve was not a puppet, or a victim….(READ MORE P.60).

(If the link is broken go to: http://issuu.com/bellamiamag/docs/issue4_bellamia_october2015


Virtual Salon…Sneak Peek!

This is such an edgy theme, and it brings up a lot of thoughts, feelings and ideas, so I figured its a good time to gather as a circle and do a SisterSoul Salon.

But this one’s a virtual event–we participate via phone or computer.

When I was offering these Sister Soul Salon evenings last spring, many of you wanted to come, but didn’t live nearby, and I promised to do a virtual version so that we can explore the paradigm shift of Feminine Soul that’s awakening in and around us.  

The time has come.

And honestly, living in a new community in the Columbia Gorge, I’m hungering  for a circle of sisters to gather with. And I miss you.

So let’s convene our circle virtually! That means you attend by phone—no makeup, no travel time, just girl time from your own comfy spot!



This virtual retreat will be casual and conversational. An on-line sister circle to meet and delve into the Magdalene Mysteries.  We’ll explore ways you can create and maintain connection to your own guidance and more fully embody your Feminine Essence.

In our hour or so together, you will….

  •  Create sacred space together with ritual that supports deeper connection.
  •  Explore your access to divine wisdom through meditation and prayer.
  •  Deepen your experience of Feminine Soul with other like minded women.
  •  Discuss ideas and perspectives from The Magdalene Path.
  •  Time for Q&A, laser coaching and discussion.

I want this to be nourishing and interactive. Creative and fun! Bring your cup of tea and cozy wrap!

Oh and I just thought of a cool creative surprise, so get your journal, markers/pens/pastels ready…

Since you’re part of the sisterhood here already, I wanted to offer you first dibs on a free seat in our Sunday morning SisterSoul Salon gathering.  Later, I’ll be sending out announcements, and invite women who are interested in exploring Magdalene and The Magdalene Path more deeply.

Here are the details:
Sunday, October 18 10am Pacific/ 1pm Eastern
Call Info: Stay Tuned for Details

P.S. I’ll send a link later so you can send to your friends to sign up. Share it on Facebook too, would you? I want to expand this juicy conversation to any woman who is hungry to be part of this. We need each other now.  The dinosaur of hyper-masculinity is killing us. It’s time to make the shift and do this Feminine thing right.