A few weeks back I alluded to some big changes that will change my world as I know it. Gulp. REALLY big. I  notice I’m not alone in this.

My brilliant friend and colleague Tomar Levine (SoulGuidanceforYourBusiness.com) writes,

Transformation alert! This is a big one! The New Moon last week is no ordinary new moon. It coincides with a partial Solar Eclipse, a heavy-duty cosmic event with effects lasting as long as 6 months to a year.

“…this is all happening in the sign of Scorpio, signfiying transformation, death and rebirth, deep feeling, and exposing the hidden. Softening the effects of this “dark feminine” water sign is a conjunction with Venus, bringing her softer feminine emphasis on love and beauty. So the transformative effect of the feminine is very strong now, part of what is being re-born in our world.

This cosmic energy configuration will help us dive deep, value those we’re close to, feel greater intimacy, challenge power relationships, and assert our true desires. It is a time to speak our truth both in relationships and out in the world and to allow rebirth to occur.

It is a time to claim our power and stand for what we know we’re here for and to develop the skills to ride the waves of transformation that are coming.(read more from Tomar here)

Are you feeling that? And how are you doing with it? Its been kinda bumpy, I know.

I’ve got a few ideas to help with that.

I notice as things seems to speed up, so much is happening. I can have a tendency to “man up” even more, using my trusty masculine skills to push harder, go faster and work more. (More, better, faster.) Often to diletirious effect–as in spinning, confusion, overwhelm and exhaustion.

I find it more crucial than ever to lean in to our feminine powers of grace, ease and flow. To get grounded, breathe and align more deeply with Spirit and our calling (as best as we understand it in the moment) so we can SLOW DOWN.

I liken it to being in the center of a tornado, that whirling dervish space where things can go tipsy and off-balance SO easily.  Yet if we ground in too deeply we can become too rooted (fixed, solid and stubborn) and thrown off balance when the storm of energy shifts and moves. Instead we need to dind a new center that is mutable, flexible and fluid, like the Feminine Soul  we are.


It helps also to remember (notice) that all the things I’m being called to manage I have dreamed and desired for so long. (though they may not always be dressed in the shiny package I expected.) And this is true for you, too. I know it is!

Today as I was contemplating this wisdom–by taking a moment to slow down, breath and  and celebrate, I received the guidance, “Remember that life is working with you and for you, not TO you.”

What if whatever is happening (good, bad or otherwise) is happening FOR us, (as if we trusted in The Divine)–then we don’t want it to go away. We want to integrate it into our lives better, so it doesn’t feel so crazy-making.

And there are ways to do that. (Like what I suggested above.)

Simple to use, but not always easy to practice on our own. That’s why we have mentors and guides!

So to support you in the emergence that is happening through and for you, I want to invite you to join a conversation that is all about BIG Shifts — and how to move with them more powerfully so that they are the blessings we desire. Click here for info and to sign up.

I’m being interviewed tomorrow, Wednesday at 1pm PT/ 4pm ET–but honestly I’ve found all the interactions in this group to be quality. It’s totally free and resource rich.

(And Adela, the organizer is both a wise being and a force of nature–she’s a hoot!)

In the interview I’ll be sharing: 

~ The BIG shift that changed my life from picture perfect, but unfulfilling to destiny-infused. (And SO much more juicy.

~ The simple soul-lution that helped me navigate my BIG Shift.

~ The Real Deal: What worked and what I’m doing differently as I encounter this current wave of BIG shifts.

~ Insights, a ha’s and breakthroughs that can guide YOU in your BIG Shift

~ An awesome practice we’ll do during the interview that gets you aligned and connected to Feminine Soul, rather than overwhelmed in your big-shifty moments.

Are you coming? Sign up HERE. The Replays (audio and Google Hangouts) for all of these conversations will be available (FREE) for 30 days. Jump in!

The timing of this is so uncannily perfect. I’ve been engaged in so many BIG Shifts I thought I might have to back out. But there is such great synchronicity working, it seemed too auspicious to pass up. The Divine is working harder than ever on our behalf, it seems.

Oh, my next BIG Shift? We’re buying a historic hotel in Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge area. This means we’re moving from Southern Oregon, my home of 20 years. Its my husband’s dream and a shared vision for us to have retreats and boutique events. I’m so thrilled to support him in this shared destiny. More on details (and invitations to come visit!) as it unfolds.

Let me know more about your BIG Shift,

P.S.Yes, I want you to join in this BIG Shifts conversation. There are some really interesting and fresh perspectives being shared. I imagine one of them might be a shift for you. And my transparency disclosure: yes as a participant I am an affiliate.  So should you buy something somewhere through this event. I might get some teeny bit of income. But I would not recommend anything unless I felt if was high quality.  I wouldn’t risk doing that to you. If you don’t like that, you can sign up for the event without following my link above.