A few months ago I gathered a circle of women in my local area who were hungry for more meaning, connection, creativity and sacred space at SisterSoul Salon. (I offered this only to those of you on my local list, so if you didn’t see this, that’s why.) it was a big hit–lI even added a second gathering to accommodate everyone.The  ladies loved it, It was clear that they wanted more: they told me so! 

But I wasn’t ready to hear it. (I had a new juicy program to offer and I was excited about it.) I was so intent on my plan, I missed what was right in front of me. The moment passed and so did the summer! It wasn’t until a dear friend shared her disappointment that I was reminded of this gaff. Bummer!

Sometimes we can be getting messages loud and clear and still not hear them. Or hear them incorrectly. Or miss opportunities that are dropped in our laps. 🙁

(Especially when the solutions or ideas come in forms we don’t expect, we sometimes can’t see them.)

It’s something to ponder in your own life. Could it be that the answer to something you’ve been struggling with is right there, but you aren’t seeing/hearing it?

This got me wondering… about what you need and desire. I want to hear more. I’ve been putting together some new programs and I could use your help.

What is your biggest obstacle to feeling on-fire and fulfilled in your life? Just hit reply and start typing. (Answers are confidential.) Or:If you want to be super-awesome, answer this very short survey.(4 questions, takes 3 minutes, honest) And I’ll send you a present! 🙂

(here’s the link to copy/paste if that’s broken: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HR8N25L

After you do the survey, let me know  and I will send you a thank you gift–a downloadable print of this painting on the right>> As a way to say, thank you so VERY much!!

Equinox blessings of balance and equipose,

P.S. If you feeling strangled, stuck and suffocated by your professional life, and are ready to create the change you know you are really here for, email me. I have a few spots open for a no-cost discovery session (complimentary!) Let’s see what we can to to unblock your bliss so you can create a life aligned with who you really are.