“Callings are essentially questions. They aren’t questions you necessarily need to answer outright; They are questions to which you need to respond, expose yourself and kneel before.” Gregg Levoy

For the past 6 or 9 months I ‘ve been feeling and writing about this shift. 2012 seems like an amplifier, a booster on what already lives in our hearts, that longs to be expressed in the world. Finally!

My call has been to increase my reach to more people, to find more/better ways to share a message about fining purpose and the impact of the Divine Feminine in our awakening. My challenge, (heartfelt honesty here) has been to discern it and reveal. To look honestly at what has worked (or not!) and try some new approaches.

I’ve been working really hard on new 2 projects the past year, which I’m ready to give birth to. I’m truly excited to invite you on the ride, and nervous you might not like it or want to come along.

The first, the Mary Magdalene guided book, working titled,  The Divine Feminine in You- Awakening The Magdalene Way,  is nearing completing. YAY! More on that to come.

The second are some BIG changes to my brand, and direction. (If you’re on the blog, you know what I mean.) The tools, processes and approach is unchanged, but I’m shifting to offer my services and products to healthcare and helping professionals who are dealing with Burnout. I know what it’s like,  and I know the way out. My soul-full, creative offerings are a perfect solution and natural fit.

So in the weeks and months to come, expect to see and hear from me in a different way. Please send feedback, as I love what you offer me. And if its no longer a fit, you can easily opt out,of course.

SOMETHING new is bound to occur FOR YOU in 2012 — a mystery to be unveiled. There’s a a  radiant, bliss breakthrough waiting to happen. I support of YOUR great emergence, write and let me know what stirs in you…even the inklings. I’d love to hear!

Bless and be blessed,


P.S. Big changes are coming. More Virtual Meditation Retreats, Teleclasses and in-person/live events Stay tuned!!