I love retreat and renewal at the turn of the year. This dark inward time really inspires me to journey and reflect on what just passed, and vision about what lies ahead.

So a week or so ago, I gathered together a roomful of women, lovely professionals from the education, healthcare and hospitality industry into a gorgeous log and stone Northwest lodge overlooking the Rogue River.

The day was mostly clear  and we sat around a great stone fireplace for Shift 2012 Retreat, sipping tea and taking turning by the hearth. (Snow stormed warded off–intention setting in action!)

Whenever I lead a group, I feel an inspiration, but I never (of course) know who will answer that call. I plan the day, knowing I will shift to who and what shows up. I enjoy the mystery the group reveals. As the day unfolds, we quickly discover this. I love the spark of synchronicity and couldn’t plan it if I tried.

This group, all successful, inspired women, revealed variations on the theme of fears, limiting beliefs,  “letting go” and trusting the Universe/Spirit. It showed up around areas of money, relationship, work, self-sufficiency and faith.

We discovered through guided visualization meditations, writing and our shared stories, that we all worry way too much about things we can’t really control. And we’re all working too hard and “doing” too much.

One participant, let’s call her Beth, inspired and astonished the group, as she shared her recent shift in being able to  manifest large amounts of money, just in the nick of time. If it sounds easy, I know it takes tremendous courage — to let go of that old programming of fear & struggle.

We reminded that things always work out, and that over and over (and over!) we waste time and energy trying to “make things happen” rather than trusting and allowing them to. Being versus Doing. That’s the Divine Feminine in action, ladies.

The group relaxed into this paradoxical beauty, acknowledging we can only learn this by practice, through having faith and surrendering a bit more and more each week, month. I shared skills and tools to support this. We each created  artful intentions, a new template, wholly unlike where we were previously operating from. And infinitely more expansive, fun and delicious. Yes!

We exercised our divine connection. And easily honored the beauty of our similarities despite the differences in faith practices. Inspiring to witness, feeling this Heaven On Planet Earth.

This is the deeper connection to Self and Source I am called to create for you all. What a gift, so full of creative insights, self-revelation, deep heart knowing and body-based aha’s.

Retreat and renewal reminds us that we’re perfect as we are and yet we are going somewhere really spectacular. Shift and enjoy the ride.