How are you managing the changes, buttercup? Today is sunny and warm here, spring is happening, the Earth feels happy! We’ve lightened our load and she’s grateful.

But many of us are STRESSED about the uncertainty, home stay restrictions, challenges of dealing with being home (and who you’re home WITH?!) and future-tripping. (Not to mention money fears and the News triggering survival issues. steer clear of that.)

Self-care to calm your nervous system is crucial. I’ve written lots about soul care in the past on my blog. (And there are oodles of practices in the Magdalene Path, too.)

Soothing your self and managing your energy field are job #1.

It’s imperative, to be alert for the guidance we’re receiving, managing the inputs and being a clear channel for the light/love that is available, in order to meet our newly complicated lives with a full heart and aligned soul.

Forget getting back to “normal” we’re finding and birthing the New Earth. Power up!

Gaia is giving us a powerful warning — if we heed her and get into balance as part of the global family of beings (not just human, but beyond our impactful species) — then we might make it through. Otherwise, I dare say this is the beginning of more tests and challenges. Until we get it right.

The Hard Yet Hopeful Truth

We have a choice to make. It’s not going back to how it was.

Knowing this, allow anger, grief, loss, fear (joy, possibility and excitement, too) to move through you. It’s important to feel what’s yours (but don’t hang onto it, the feelings may not even be yours! Get support, you don’t have to do this alone!)

The emotional stress and dysregulation is very solvable. But no one can do it for you, sweetheart. (And this is a marathon, not a sprint – for real.)

You are going to need to unplug, reset, and reconnect at times. And I know how hard that is.

I’ve learned some hard lessons about electronics over-use. (I imagine I’m not alone.) Our lives — work and social life — seem so screen-dependent.These tools are amazing, and yet the non-electronic world is where the healing is.

A Simple Recipe

Find what soothes your soul:Ground into Earth. Connect to the Heavens. Be the Bridge.

Deepen into spiritual practice. (Self care is soul care…remember?) At least 20 minutes of meditation and prayer in the morning.

Depending on the day, I may also anoint myself with sacred oils, use oracle cards, gratitude practice! oiliate my skin, do EFT/Tapping, Sufi mantra, and guided or music meditations.(if you’d like I can guide you in this practice.)

Connect to nature. (We ARE nature!) Build a garden. Walk your dog. Take more baths and showers to clear your energy. (Washes off corona virus, too!) Meditate. Pray.

I’ve received a prayer practice in December that I’ve been doing regularly that’s tremendously soothing and realigning. I awoke knowing a different version of the Hail Mary, The New Magdalene Rosary, devoted to Mary Magdalene. It’s powerfully realigning. Embodying. Delicious.

Experiencing the depth and stillness through this repetitive prayer is powerful. I shared the it with a small group of women and their feedback showed me it’s valuable & ready to be shared.

I’m getting ready to unveil it. Had hoped to be ready to share but not yet. Watch for my next email announcing details.

With Great Love,

P.S. Navigating big questions? (Who isn’t right now?) Maybe you’re really struggling with the changes we’re in the midst of. Receive clarity about the challenge or question that’s keeping you stuck. Receive your next steps to the life that is emerging through you.

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Learn ways to embody connection with your Feminine Soul, to priestess your everyday life.

The Feminine Soul Clarity session is part oracle card reading, soul purpose coaching, energy healing, body wisdom meditation, and sacred oil anointingrooted in the ancient temples of the Divine Feminine.

Done from the comfort of your home temple on Zoom videoconferencing (it’s easy to use, trust me.)

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Another shared, “Claire holds you with grace… to bring you clarity, kindness, and peace about sticky spots in your life.”

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