The Magdalene Experience

Are You Curious or Drawn to Mary Magdalene?

Many are drawn to this mysterious figure who has been so maligned and misjudged. Mary Magdalene is a portal to embodied Feminine Soula beacon of the Sacred Feminine that was veiled in traditional religion. She’s awakening in women (and a few enlightened men) today.
Experience the healing, rejuvenating and aligning energy of Magdalene.   Explore Her hidden mysticism and archetypal energy. Reconnect with a lost lineage of spiritual sovereignty and wholeness that we never knew was possible. 
A lost goddess hiding in plain sight in the Christian gospels. Regardless of your religious or spiritual path, she is a potent and compelling guide for modern day women.

Embark on A Journey of Connection

Align with her and who you’re becoming through energy transmission and ancient holy oil anointing.

Re-Balance & Center as you receive the Magdalene Blessing. Bathe in your embodiment of Her Divine wisdom & grace.

Access Magdalene Mysteries with a personal message from The Magdalene Path rooted in the new Divine Feminine paradigm and the ancient/future lineage of the Priestess.

Activate your feminine essence and balance your inner masculine, for increased ease, grace and flow in everyday life. You’ll experience deep inner connections, awareness and insights about your life, in a way that feels authentic and aligned.

This soul-centering ritual includes sacred oil anointing, meditation, energy healing, and oracle card reading. Ask questions and receive timely, aligned guidance about your life path.

Done virtually from the comfort of your home temple (using Zoom), or in person at  Spa Sanctuary at the Balch Hotel in the Columbia Gorge in Oregon.

While each session is customized and unique for you, your session will likely flow in this way:

Be led into a sacred space with sacred oil anointing and meditation ritual.

Presence your issue or question and gather insights via Soul Coaching.

Experience the Rose Reiki or Magdalene Blessing energy healing transmission (described in The Magdalene Path.)

Receive Divine guidance through a Magdalene Oracle card reading.

Explore post-session activities to bring it fully into your body, soul and life.

Receive the recording after your session, to review and re-experience.

Experience this 75 minute Magdalene Blessing session virtually using Zoom or in person at the Balch Hotel in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. Let me know which you prefer.

PLUS you get the recording of the session, to review and deepen. (Re-listening to the session is powerful and highly recommended!)

“I have always loved Mary Magdalene, and here was an opportunity to work with her. I had no expectations. I just showed up with an open heart. It was beautiful! And I received the right message, which allowed me to be able to consider other possibilities.”–MaryBeth A, Hood River, OR

“Claire holds you with grace in the sacred Magdalene’s love, gently guiding you to the answers within… allowing a softening around your own unknowingness, to bring you clarity, kindness and peace about sticky spots in your life.” — Paula F., Healdsburg, CA

“It was a magnificent and deeply healing/nourishing experience! Two months later I’m still experiencing the after-effects of this session. My life has changed remarkably. Thank you, Claire!” — Paulette R., Bellingham, WA

75  minutes: $222

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If you’d prefer using, Square, Venmo, cash or check, please contact us to make arrangements. Be sure to mention Magdalene Blessing in your message or meeting request.

*If your finances are such that paying this much would mean foregoing food or shelter, then let’s talk. In the spirit of inclusivity and equity, I want this to be accessible and to feel good to us both.

Magdalene Soul Alchemy – Deep Dive

Can I Combine the Magdalene Experience, Feminine Soul Clarity Session with Spa Experiences? YES!

Bless yourself with the best of both experiences, alchemized into luscious 2 hour Deep Dive session.

Imagine a fusion of intuitive soul coaching addressing your most pressing Feminine Soul challenges and initiations, a personal encounter with the essence of Mary Magdalene and Rose Reiki, or Magdalene Blessing energy work.

This deep dive experience weaves all the goodness of both Feminine Soul Clarity session and the Magdalene Experience synthesized into a rich deep dive of healing.

Includes direct connection with and personal message from Mary Magdalene, channeled by Claire, with Magdalene oracle card reading, sacred oil anointing, Magdalene Blessing or Rose Reiki energy transmission, soul coaching and more.

*We’ll send a link to schedule your session once our office receives notification. (Please allow up to 24 hours, weekdays.)

I was at a crossroads and I was stuck, and I didn’t know which way I was supposed to go… I was prompted to make an appointment with you, out of the blue. It was beautiful! I received a message, which allowed me to be able to consider other possibilities and move forward. I got exactly what I needed.”  Mary Beth A., Hood River, OR

 Approximately 2 hours $388

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