Sweet Sister… We are in a time of unprecedented changes: chaos for some, hope and possibility for others. Where are you in the dance? With so much “distancing”, we’re home, and online for everything. The very nature of the electronic world plus social and mass media stresses our nervous systems.

If we allow it, we’re exposed to fear of the future and survival issues. With this comes immense moments of anger, grief, loss, and fear. (Plus joy, possibility and excitement, too.)

Feel what’s yours (this is not a moment for premature transcendence) and move through it. But don’t attach to it, the feelings may not even be yours!

(And this is a marathon, not a sprint – for real. Pace yourself, now.)

We need to unplug, reset, and reconnect regularly with things that soothe our soul: Ground into Earth. Connect to the Heavens. Be the bridge to HOPE (Heaven On Planet Earth*).

Manage Your Inputs

Is what (or who) you are being exposed to bringing light, joy and hope? New visions of a brighter reality that works for everyone? I’m not suggesting spiritual bypass but attend your attention and feel HOPE* as we envision a new world into being.

We are the forward edge of a huge tidal wave of change. Many of us have known or sensed this was coming for years. It’s imperative to be awake to the messages we’re receiving, to be clear channels for the birthing of a new reality that’s trying to peek through.

That means managing your energy field is job #1. Be at cause not effect. (Easier said than done!)

To soothe and support your nervous system, dig deeper into self-care. (There are oodles of practices in the Magdalene Path. I’ve written loads about soul care over the years on this blog, too.)

You’ve probably been studying and practicing for eons. Doing inner work, taking lots of classes, healing wounds, learning healing tools.

All the healing, training and preparing you’ve endured may be starting to make sense.  It’s  our time, as the Divine Feminine awakens and we claim places of power and sovereignty, to lead in the ways we feel called.
(If that’s not clear, I’ll share more on how to receive that guidance clearly, in the future.)

Here’s What I Suggest:

Deepen into spiritual practice. (Self-care is soul care…remember?) At least 20 minutes of meditation and prayer in the morning, to connect with a deeper, wider reality beyond 3D form.

Depending on the day, my morning practice starts with gratitude for 10 minutes (this boosts the immune system for 4 days!) and then may include anointing myself with sacred oils, using oracle cards, oiliating my skin, Tapping, Sufi mantra, and guided or silent meditations.

The main practice I’m doing, I discovered in December. I awoke knowing a different version of the Hail Mary, devoted to Mary Magdalene, that I downloaded in meditation. The New Magdalene Rosary is tremendously soothing and powerfully realigning. Embodying. Delicious.

I shared the New Magdalene Rosary practice with a small group of women and their feedback showed me it’s valuable. Experience this repetitive prayer with me — the depth and stillness is powerful.

I’m finally ready to unveil it. Here’s a sneak peek… if you feel called, join us!

With Great Love,

* HOPE  is Heaven on Planet Earth, from The Magdalene Path, pp. 180-183.

P.S. Gather with me for a virtual temple experience–online using Zoom. Learn and explore the New Magdalene Rosary in a sacred virtual space for women awakening their Feminine Soul (men are welcome too.)

Explore your Divine Feminine through an embodied spiritual connection. Create alignment to access ease, grace, and flow.

During this 90 minute virtual Soul Salon, you’ll enjoy deep-dive connection, soulful exploration, delicious conversation, and creative ritual that spans religious traditions.

  • Discover a Divine Feminine Spiritual Practice that soothes & calms your nervous system.
  • Deepen your Feminine Soul through an spiritual connection with Mary Magdalene.
  • Recharge using simple ritual in a supportive circle–feel a sense of belonging and connection with other like-minded women. (And maybe a few awesome men.)
  • Receive the New Magdalene Rosary Handout to use during the session. Take into your Soul Care Practice at your temple home, afterward.

Gather on Tuesday, April 28 at 11 am PT | 2 pm ET | 8 pm CEST
90 minutes via Zoom Teleconferencing.
If you can’t make it live, register anyway and you’ll get the recording.

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Guided by Claire Sierra, MA, Soul Coach, Spa/Wellness Priestess, Expressive Arts Therapist, Retreat Leader, Balch Hotel co-owner and author of The Magdalene Path.