A wise person once reflected to me, “Writers write.” And it’s true, I write all the time. Most of it never gets edited or published, but it’s how I process and make sense of my life.

But that doesn’t mean its easy-peasy. Even though nothing is more effective for sorting out thoughts and feelings–let alone direct access to your Divine Guidance! (which is how I wrote The Magdalene Path.)

Same for other artists and musicians. Creatives in general really want to create, but often struggle to get the words written, the image created.

Rearranging your sock drawer or organizing the garage can be more appealing!

That’s where structure can be handy. Most artists I know do most of their painting before a show. And writers love a deadline. There’s nothing like a finite goal: word count, pages or images to deliver–a target can inspire us.

But why is that?

Creativity is flow. Structure creates containment. It’s like a river: without boundaries, the water rushes everywhere, often creating havoc in its wake. But with banks, the water flows through nicely.

As a writer I live by this. Each month I write this article. But truth be told, I often have no idea what to say when I start.

What motivates and inspires me? A twinkle of an idea and a deadline. The need and structure inspire me to write.

Stop the Distractions

But for many creatives there’s no external deadline. And it’s hard to do from will alone. (This too, I know well.)

I was talking with a friend, who’s a published author about this recently. Ruth Miller has written 24 books (and counting!), so she knows the process. I asked her how she did it and she shared her secret.

“If I have 40 hours, I can write a book. So, I create that time for myself, in one lump or several good-sized chunks.” (She also added, “The Balch with it’s quiet and creature comforts is a perfect place for writers to do that.” – that seems too self-serving to add here. 😉)

As a published author it clicked. I wrote most of The Magdalene Path in a small cabin off the grid. It was impossible for me to sit down and do “the hard stuff” of writing at home.

Life always got in the way. But away, distractions were few.

Avoid the Distractions of Everyday Life

There’s something about time and space away from the “regular grind” (going to work, tending family, doing dishes, answering emails….) that allows focus on our creative project.

We’ve all heard stories of musicians holing up in a recording studio to make a record. And artists burning the midnight oil. But you might not have a cabin to escape to…

Writing away from it all will give you new perspective. Literally, your window on the world will be different. Traveling allows access to higher cognitive function and better mental health.

New phrases will emerge. Thoughts you wouldn’t have at home can happen here.

Get Away From It All and Write!

So I developed Write Away From It All Retreat: Four days in March, dedicated to your unfinished (or un-started) creative project at the cozy, award-winning historic Balch Hotel in the Columbia Gorge of Oregon.

We’ll provide (most) meals for you, some group support, and self-care—all optional—but it’s mostly time away to allow your creative flow to happen.

Its intended for writers, but artists and musicians—any creatives with a project—are welcome, too.

Plus, if you’re struggling with the grey and rain where you are, “it’s always sunny in Dufur”—maybe not ALL the time, but Dufur boasts 300 days of sunshine a year! So, if you suffer from SAD, you’re more likely to see sun in the east end of the Gorge.

If your interest is piqued and you’d like to know the details, learn more here.

Feel free to reply and float me any questions.

I have a new book project rumbling inside and I’d love to do this with you, sister!

PS Maybe your dance with clarity and confusion is really keeping you stuck. You’re not getting to where you can find the answers you need.

Consider a new way to get soul guidance and direction toward your creative flow.

The Feminine Soul Clarity session is part oracle card reading, soul purpose coaching, energy healing, body wisdom meditation, and sacred oil anointing–rooted in the ancient temples of the Divine Feminine and Magdalene Mysteries. Done from the comfort of your home temple on Zoom videoconferencing (it’s easy to use, trust me.)

If you’re navigating big questions, youll tap into a grounded, expanded space of your own embodied divine wisdom. You’ll receive clarity about a niggling challenge or confounding question that’s keeping you from your highest expression and calling.

Receive nourishing solutions to move forward again in a way that feels free and aligned. You’ll learn practices I’ve been using to embody connection with your Feminine Soul, to priestess your everyday life.

I’ve been doing this work for 20+ years and this combination of modalities is the most potent to date. You can see details and reserve a session here.

I’ve been awed by the client feedback: I was at a crossroads and felt that I was stuck, something was in the way, and I didn’t know which way to go… the session was beautiful! And I received the right message, which allowed me to consider new possibilities. I got exactly what I needed.”

Another shared, “Claire holds you with grace, gently guiding you to the answers which lie within… allowing for a softening around your own unknowingness, to bring you clarity, kindness, and peace about sticky spots in your life.”

And finally, “It was a magnificent and deeply healing/nourishing experience! Thank you, Claire!

Is it time for your Soul Clarity?

If you have a question, let’s connect!

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Oh, if you’ve not had a chance to read The Magdalene Path yet, we’ve decided to offer the book bundle again.