Why Self Love and Self Care Are Radical

Ah Autumn Equinox. Poised in the balance of light and dark, a perfect time to reflect on balance in our lives and work.

Fall used to mean rest after the busy harvest, a slower pace, time to shift gears and start the turn inward.

Are the cooler shorter days signalling you to slow down?

All around me women I’m talking to are mentioning needing more self-care and self-love.

When was the last time you stopped and took some time for you?

Why is this a such a radical challenge for so many?

Historically, our worth was tied up in our value as decorations (beauty=worth) or housewives and then being employees(work/children=worth) . We learned that to be of value, we had to produce. The bon-bon lounging days were few and far between!

And we want to be of value and contribute, but it seems most women are working themselves in a way that is pretty out of balance.

But if we stay disconnect and not loving with ourselves, we participate in things that don’t really serve us–working jobs we hate for companies (or lives) we despise–and avoid the deeper truths that are calling to us to be mended.

So self love and care are radical, even subversive acts for the world. We have to balance Doing with Being. And there’s the challenge.

explore youSoul Care is a well known need…and a challenge for many women.  At times I resist, it seems so… self-indulgent.

The other day I found I was just plain exhausted. I was forgetting to just slow down, relax, and take time to do what felt good to me.

If don’t do this for me, who else will? I know I’m not alone in this.

So try this on–its a question that I like that brings me into balance: If I were a woman who loved and trusted herself I would….

So when I was invited to participate in this on-line video retreat to increase self-love with my friend and colleague Mia Saenz from Bella Mia Magazine,  I knew I had to say yes.

I’m inviting you again in case you missed it. My class is this Friday, so sign up if you want a hit of The Magdalene Path magic. I’m sharing a practice and teachings from Mary Magdalene. 

Love Revolution Online Retreat is bringing you more ways to love. Its run like a retreat series with several speakers daily via video. I’m excited about this way of being together.

There’s an interesting tribe of women teaching classes that help you to love yourself, your family, and the world around you. I’ve watched several videos–they’re short, 20-30 minutes–and they’ve all given me something.

Sign up here and you’ll receive videos from brilliant feminine centered teachers who dive into self love for 2 weeks–free.

So join us from the comfort of your own home. Relax into a your cozy chair or hammock, grab your favorite drink, your journal (to draw or take notes) and let yourself receive.

Much love,

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P.S. This is totally free! Sign up and you’ll get all the details. All the sessions are prerecorded so you watch anytime you want. It’s video, so it’s like SisterSoul TV!