The body and how we look is such a source of conflict for many women. It seems we can’t live with it and we can’t live without it. We are compellingly drawn to beauty: in ourselves, in others, in things, in life. Sometimes women are scorned as superficial for this pursuit, but I’ve come to recognize this as an intrinsic soul quality of the Feminine, which is why we are so enchanted by it.

Many of us are blind to our own beauty, though. We’ve been conditioned to believe so many things about our own value and worth—many of which are not so great, unfortunately. We see beauty and we emulate it, trying to capture that ineffable essence. We think if we copy someone, we’ll feel how she looks: joyful, loved, and valued.

Women are communal beings, so what others think of us matters. (It’s a safety/protective mechanism.) We’re so focused on external opinion that we don’t see our own beauty and light—especially when it doesn’t match the cultural ideals. We develop a mental list of how we don’t “measure up:” too fat/thin, dark/pale, tall/short, loud/ quiet…the list goes on.

Then we turn ourselves into long-term self-improvement projects. We’re outraged by the barrage of Photoshopped artifice surrounding us, and yet we unconsciously still cling to stereotypes that are unrealistic and unhealthy.

Fortunately, this awareness is starting to shift and women are questioning: What is MY innate expression and worth? Where’s my authentic beauty? We are magnetically drawn to women who radiate Beauty from their Soul—often regardless of external appearance. And as we celebrate the rich variety of our sizes, shapes, and colors—a veritable 31 flavors of the Feminine—we all naturally shine.

Your authentic beauty power comes from knowing your uniqueness from the inside out and really loving yourself for it. When you embody your core sense of self—owning who you really are and why you’re here—then your true beauty unfolds like the radiant flower you are.

And as you embrace this, you grow to love and value yourself as an aspect of the Divine in feminine form. You’ll exude confidence and power from the inside. You become luscious and alive.

But when we don’t know or feel this about ourselves, we deny it, and suffer. We hide, rejecting our true value. We dim ourselves down. It’s safe, not luminous. Instead, exude your native beauty by connecting with your Essence and feel fully alive.

But how do we tap into that source and reveal that inner sparkle?

Your Essence is who you are when you are just being yourself, shining your light. It is not learned, it’s authentically you, aligned with your Feminine Soul.  As you awaken this Goddess self, your radiance shines from the inside out.

Your essence might be innately joyful and light, soft and sweet or piercingly insightful. This may translate into looking elegant, retro, romantic, organic, classic or athletic. No matter what you are doing, you are radiating this essence in your own unique signature style.

As you connect with this sacred inner beauty, you feel different…empowered and alive. Your skin glows, your body hums with vitality and sparkle. You become naturally gorgeous, regardless of external opinion.

Soul beauty translates into confidence, feeling at ease in your own skin, being okay with who you are: relaxed, open, safe and unafraid. At first it may happen in glimmers of moments, but a daily practice can expand into a lifestyle. Then you’re no longer driven by cultural stereotypes of how you should look, and living from the Truth of your Feminine Soul.

Nice idea–how do we do that?

Feed the Feminine First. Take time every day to connect to the juicy aliveness that is your feminine power. Spend 5-10 minutes first thing in the morning to set your day in Feminine Flow.

Connect with this Divine She in meditation, prayer, or sensual movement. Breathe and be in your body. Your body is a blessing. Feel the radical potency that stirs beneath all the busy, scheduled, doing of everyday life. A wholesome, sexy, revitalized you is there, waiting to be awakened.

When you connect with your Soul Beauty, from the inside out, you radiate a light that is magnificent, palpable and pure. As you inhabit your innate radiance, don’t be surprised to find others naturally drawn to the compelling and sacred power of the Feminine. Life thrives in this place, it’s juicy and delicious. From here a world of ease, grace and flow is revealed. Let’s dance together there.

Article published in BellaMia Magazine, page 68 here