We seem to be in a time where the old ways don’t work, as they have in the past. Planning, plotting, time and scheduling seems particularly amiss.

While the old methods won’t work, the new way is not fully on-line yet. But like all transitions, it’s not always smooth or easy-peasy. There are gaps and glitches.

Frustrations that what we’re used to doing, no longer does. (Sometimes its not available–completely absent–other times, the old tools are visible, but not functional as they once were.)

Either way, massive challenges and heart ache result. These are rough, untended initiations.

Looking outside, we know we should be feeling the uplift of Spring: hope, possibility, and new life. And while that’s present some days, there’s something else lurking, unnamed.

Culture change. (Why is this not in the media?)

I see a transition from old paradigm to new. From 3-D to 5-D, man-mode to feminine flow.

We’re passing from an old outmoded paradigm of patriarchy, featuring top-down leadership, centering values of masculine (white) supremacy, and greed, scarcity, war, and conquest. Physical form dominating the spiritual, feminine, earth-based, abundant, and life-affirming

Yet as we shift from that old way-which is not working in so many ways for so many people and the planet–we are also losing things (and people!) we love and have gotten used to.

It’s a tough shifta collective need for grieving–that isn’t in the mainstream… yet.

In this transition time, we see hidden pockets of shadow revealed into the light. Painful times, yet filled with moments of hope. The tender tendrils of New Earth emerging.

So while we might acknowledge the positive changes that ARE happening, we also see how far we have to go. And the gap in what we sense and what we see or hear in the culture creates a stirring sense of mis-alignment.

You might be experiencing it personally as anxiety, sleeplessness, body tension, itchy skin, headaches, endless hunger, malaise,sugar craving, low motivation. Or feel that sense that “something’s not quite right.” Like your wiring is off. (And feeling “is it just me, or…?”)

All normal, given this great (unacknowledged) cultural reset.

We’re composting the old aspects but have not found new wings, a new way of being. This is not something we can do alone. Our strength and magic is together.

Acknowledge all you’ve been through, sister. (And it’s not over, yet. Not by a long shot. {Sigh}) Your resilience, adaptability and resourcefulness have been amazing, Claire

But it’s time to lay man-mode as our go-to strategy (as we’ve been taught) to rest and fully embrace Feminine Soul, to live in balance and alignment with ourselves, each other, and the planet. It’s time.

Find space to “wonder and wander” in your Feminine Soul. Return to Source. Reconnect.

Feminine mysteries shared with me by Mary Magdalene in The Magdalene Path, clearly point to ways of being that reclaim the sacred Soul self: Feed the Feminine first, lead with intention, manage your energy field, shine your light, discern your Truth, radiate your true beauty, and ask for help.

(And more: there are 11 Keys to Awakening Feminine Soul. Check them out here.) I return to these basic skills and perspectives over and over, ever deeper.

To thrive in this wild crazy time, it’s all about balancing your Feminine Soul centered life with the hyper-masculine that the culture raised us in.Take time to attend to reconnect with soul, Source, self and sisters.

As I’ve re-engaged with these core practices I never fail to reclaim my alignment.

Sister, remember we’re in a Great Change. Pace yourself. The old ways of working are no longer effective, yet the new ones are not fully functioning yet.

Re-member your Feminine Soul into new ways of being: Walk in nature, express in art, connect with your guidance, sit under a tree in your yard, pray the Magdalene Rosary, journal your mental anguish into clarity, and tend your garden. Create the time and space to do this for yourself.

This is how we birth the new paradigm–in ourselves! But we don’t do this alone. Reach out.

In great love,



P.S. The doors are still open for Writer’s Grove NEXT Friday. It’s a perfect space for this work, in whatever way your muse calls you.

Tend your inner temple in creative flow: write, draw, paint with me and a small circle of amazing women*. (It’s not just for “writers” — you choose your creative focus.

Writer’s Grove Virtual Retreat is your chance to practice using the loving container (masculine) to allow your creativity and intuition to blossom (feminine.)

Express your inner vision onto the page or canvas. Just like you’ve been dreaming of. Details and dates are here. (There are 2 ways to participate. I hope you choose one. All genders welcome, too!)

Gift yourself the time and space to drop into a guided container to focus on writing/creating time, with group support for reading tidbits, accountability, questions, challenges.

Here’s what one sister said about it:

The Grove is giving me a habit of being more creative. Each month it’s a jumpstart to keep me going.

…writing is a very solitary process. Meeting on Zoom is the perfect answer to the question I didn’t even know I had: I get support, connection, and inspiration with other creatives without getting lost in it. We’re gathered together, but not. Solitary, but not.

The structure, combined with the sense of community and creativity is a beautiful thing. I get sparked in different ways each time. It feels like being at an artist’s retreat and it’s something I look forward to each month.”

    -Celeste H, Oregon

Strengthen your habit of tending soul-centered creative expression.

In Writer’s Grove Virtual Retreat we…

  • Create a sacred container and a plan with intention by connecting with guidance via guided meditation & simple ritual.
  • Explore practices that access your inner writer/creatrix, always dancing with tools/perspectives to avoid creative blocks.
  • Create breakthroughs and dive into some dedicated time writing, painting, organizing, collaging, or creating!

Here’s the link to reserve your spot.

Do you know someone else you think this might be perfect for? There is still space for them to join you. (Pro Tip: good to have a buddy for feedback and support for your writing, too!)

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I’m always conjuring ways to support your alignment with Divine Feminine essence. The mysteries of Mary Magdalene are gates of sustenance and support.

Email me and let know if there’s something you’re really craving more of : Claire@MagdalenePath.com.