We’re at the turn of the wheel, goddess. Signs of spring, like daffodils and tulips blooming and Equinox this weekend. Oh, and the 1 year anniversary of the shutdown of the pandemic. Yeah, that.

While most people acknowledge the upside of all that’s happened, I’m noticing so many lately feeling vaguely (or wildly) out of sorts. There’s a stirring sense of unease.

You might be feeling a sense of exhaustion that’s not quite mental, physical “issues” more present, maybe a sense of malaise, dread, despair, or loneliness. That sense that “something’s not quite right” but what?

We’ve all been brave and amazing at building new capacities, finding new ways to do things, isolating from loved ones, releasing the regular life we knew. Resilience, adaptability and resourcefulness have been at quantum levels.

But it can’t last forever if it’s sourced from your masculine strengths not your Feminine Soul. She may need replenishment.

Enter Equinox! Perfect timing for this seasonal shift when day/night, masculine/feminine, dark/light, are balanced. (Or they want to be.) We are halfway between Christmas/Winter Solstice and Summer Solstice.

Notice the theme of balance—all the ways and places you may be out of balance. Too much/not enough…work, love, play, joy, sensuality, creativity, pleasure, connection. Care of self/others/planet.

Imbalance makes us dull and dreary, or cranky and resentful…. Who wants that?

In The Magdalene Path, Mary Magdalene clearly told us ways to reclaim the Sacred self: Feed the Feminine first, lead with intention, manage your energy field, radiate your true beauty, shine your light, discern your Truth, and ask for help. (And more: there are 11 Keys to Awakening Feminine Soul. Check them out here.) These are basics I return to over and over, ever deeper.

We’re on a spiral of experience. We’ve come another round. Honor and acknowledge all you and your beloveds have been through this year.

We’re in the window of this Equinox portal. Take time to attend to this change. Honor it in some way: walk in nature, sit by a tree in your yard, tend your garden beds.

Notice… What feels in balance in your life? What is not that needs re-jiggering? Anything to release or re-instate? What do you need to make those changes? (I know I’ve been making lists!)

If life is too busy and full this week, do know that the doors are still open for Writer’s Grove this Friday. It’s a perfect place to do this work, in whatever way amuses you.

To truly live, love and lead in a Feminine Soul centered life, it’s all about balancing with the masculine. Create the time and space to do this for yourself. This is how we create the new paradigm–in ourselves!

Writer’s Grove is your chance to practice: using the loving container (masculine) to allow your creativity and intuitive capacity to blossom (feminine.)

Tend your inner temple in creative flow: write, draw, paint with me. Connect with that creative space inside you–it’s not just for “writers” — you choose your creative focus. Details and dates are here. This Friday. (There are 2 ways to participate. I hope you choose one.)

Here’s what one sister said about it:

The Grove is giving me a habit of being more creative. Each month it’s a jumpstart to keep me going.

…writing is a very solitary process. Meeting on Zoom is the perfect answer to the question I didn’t even know I had: I get support, connection, and inspiration with other creatives without getting lost in it. We’re gathered together, but not. Solitary, but not.

The structure, combined with the sense of community and creativity is a beautiful thing. I get sparked in different ways each time. It feels like being at an artist’s retreat and it’s something I look forward to each month.” -Celeste H, Oregon

As a writer and artist, relishing this time & space for my creative musing. I’m excited to play in this garden of co-creation with you. I can hardly wait… Will you join me?

Let’s create together, sister (brother–you’re welcome too!)