Creativity expands us in so many ways. And yet I hear all the time, “I’m not creative.”

Total hogwash–why would you say that about yourself?

Look at all the creative problem-solving, decision-making,  and life management you do in any given day–with your kids, at work…

And don’t you create beauty, through those small things, little touches, in your world every week?

Sure, not all of our meals or garden beds are works of art, but I bet they are sometimes. When you give it time and energy. Right?

Believing in yourself as a creative spirit gives you confidence in what you can create in your life and how you work things out.

It’s about more than just painting–though that part is pretty relaxing, revitalizing and fun.

So when I was invited to offer a Creative Spirits Art Party at Jacob Williams Winery, with a painting of the iconic Gorge view (see above), I said yes.


Then while experiencing a block in another area of my work, I turned to art-making and created a special painting for us.

Not creative? Ha! Join us at Jacob Williams Winery, just across the river in Wishram, and we’ll see just how false that belief is.

I’ll walk you through it step by step. It’s simpler than it looks! You’ll learn how to work with various brushes and paint strokes.

I’ll share simple mixed media techniques if you want to try them. So you come away with a painting that’s uniquely yours. Get your creativity on and paint your heart out!

Express Your Inner Artist… Indulge Your Creative Spirit

With graphic simplicity, enhanced by mixed media, the stunning beauty of the river, cliffs and winery is captured in “Gorge East”, our August painting.

Paint, nibble, sip and play, under the expert guidance of local artist/art therapist (& Balch Hotel co-owner), Claire Sierra, MA.

Everything you need is provided for this intimate and fun creative soiree!  Absolutely no experience required and you leave with your own original art work. Sip Jacob Williams’s local wines, along with snacks and food, available for purchase.

Wednesday, August 2,  6:30-9pm
$40.00 Includes all art supplies & instruction.


Spend the night at the Balch Hotel, and get a 10% discount on your room when you attend Creative Spirits. Create your own personal creativity retreat.

Great for date night or girlfriend getaway. (You can keep painting here all weekend, you know.)  Call 541.467.2277 and mention this ad or reserve a room at (We’ll apply the discount at checkout.) Not valid with other offers or promotions.

Questions? Call Claire: 541.659.7284 or go to: