Magdalene Mysteries Virtual Retreat {Replay}

Sister !

I’m so excited! On Saturday, 13 of us gathered via video and phone to create virtual temple space together and explore the hidden lore and largely forgotten spiritual wisdom of Magdalene, on her Holy Feast Day.

Here’s the replay I promised, so you can enter the Temple of She. I outted my inner perfectionist and dared to do it anyway.  And imperfect it is!

Join us and discover who Mary Magdalene really is, and what her message is for you. (Whether you’re Christian or not, she’s relevant now.)

If you’re drawn to the mystery of the Magdalene or the magic of the Divine Feminine, come, you’re being called.

The circle of women from around the world was SWEET!  The chat stream was lively and interactive.  And the feedback was excellent:

“Thank you so much for this gathering….” “Deep bows of gratitude, my friend!”
“Blessings, sisters! Thank you for your love and energy!”

The guidance everyone received, even in our short time, was amazing:

“Mary Magdalene points to how to stand in the feminine as an authority, with power, not shying away from that.”

 “Whenever I connect in with Magdalene, I feel her immsense love and compassion. Even when I’m not aware of her, I know that Magdalene has my back.”

 “Finish my book, put away the toys that distract.”

“Create a community of love. Start where you are…Embrace red, wear red.”

“I think the key of what you said, Claire, is “coming into right relationship” (of masculine and feminine power).”

Rather than recap ALL the highlights, it’ll be better if you experience it for yourself. 🙂

Grab your journal, a few art supplies and a beverage of choice. Settle in  for 2 hours and enjoy this virtual workshop in your own schedule & time zone!

I had a last-minute inspiration to share a few ways we can continue exploring and activating Feminine Soul, so watch for some amazing options at the end.

Magdalene Mysteries ~ Virtual Temple Retreat

Here’s the replay link.

Remember the lost wisdom of Magdalene and The Magdalene Path!

Journey in meditation to gather guidance that your soul wants you to hear.

Tap your creative spirit as we create shamanic art together — express your soul messages.

Breathe, move, embody the holy temple your body is.

Join a circle of sisters from around the globe, broadcast (via Zoom*) from the lush and luscious Balch Hotel. Reconnect with your Feminine Soul. Watch the replay here.

PS I had a last minute idea to support you in taking this material deeper into embodiment in your daily life, so without much fanfare or slick presentation, offered  the Magdalene Path Program as 7 week course OR private sessions. Since the invitation is still in the rough, (the page is not fully “up”–check back tomorrow)  it’s a greatly discounted: 6 private sessions with me for $597 (regularly $1697) or the 7 week class for $97 (full price $197, start in September) See more details here. Let me know what questions you have.


About the Author:

Claire Sierra, MA, LFT, is the author of The Magdalene Path – Awaken the Power of Your Feminine Soul ©. An Arts Therapist and True Purpose™ Master Coach, Claire has guided thousands of women who feel lost & confused about their purpose, to use creative arts to connect to their divine guidance for clarity & confidence about their true path. She’s led creative soul-centered workshops, retreats and private sessions for over 2 decades. To support greater re-connection she and her husband recently became proprietors of the Balch Hotel, a boutique destination retreat in the Columbia River Gorge, in Oregon. (visit For free resources on your path, go to: for sample chapters, meditations, audio interviews and more.

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