Happy New Year, so far? I hope you gave yourself the time to pause–to reflect, review and really take stock of what happened last year. This kind of clarity is indespensable and can help you create this year as potently and powerfully as you desire. I mentioned in my last newsletter that this issue wouldn’t  be your run-of-the-mill “planning”.  I had no idea how right I was.

022I had big plans to write sooner, but I have a few confessions to make. After my deep restful retreat and reflection mode, I bottomed out. Not in a bad way, but in a “I just can’t do anything next” kind of way. All my well-timed intention to plan and vision for this year, went away.


Ideas, projects and possibilities became vague and fuzzy. (And it’s not just the fog outside my window.)

I’m talking with many others who are saying similar: motivation and confidence issues, emotional derailments, fears….depression.

And yet I can’t help but notice that while I’m busy not-planning, all kinds of interesting people, opportunities and  events of all kinds (solo, collaborative,virtual, in-person) are showing up.

There are definite themes and energies that are crystallizing and coming forward.

(You too?!? If no, hang on a minute, we’ll get you there.)

It’s time for the forehead slap of “duh!” as I recognize the Feminine Soul at work. Once again, I catch myself trying to “do” the Divine Feminine, with all the order, logic and structure of the masculine style I’m so adept and comfortable in.

But Feminine Soul is doing from BEing, and that cannot be forced. (She will not allow it.)

As I write this, I’m not event totally sure how to make that happen (again, duh) but I do know it does work.

Resolve Last Year

So, it’s not too late. Here are a few great questions to ponder….

What made me happiest this year?
Where was I the most fed?
What surprised me the most this year?
What was a blessing in disguise?
What happened that I could not have predicted?
What did I let go of?
Where did I shift the most?
What was challenging?
What can I give my self credit for?
What did I learn this year?

Once we look at what our year has delivered (what we have co-created) we can start to look ahead to the New Year just over the horizon, and what we want to create.

Allow the New Year to Emerge

But rather than making a list and checking it twice, we need to feel into the themes and essence that wants to emerge. From the inside out.

Now take a few moments (If you haven’t already) and connect with your Feminine Soul. See, feel and sense her presence. Ask her what she wants to create with and through you. Make notes. Now activate your senses:

house 004If 2014 was a color what would it be?
What would it’s flavor or taste be?
What texture does it have?
What would it smell like?
What sound or music does it make?

Then ask yourself, what qualities do they have? For example, if the taste/flavor of 2014 is chocolate strawberries, the qualities might be: rich, decadent,elegant, whimsical and luxurious.

Now identify all the similarities. These are your themes for this year.

As you move through your life, see if your choices align and resonate with the themes that have emerged.

You will probably notice more joy, expansion, creativity and bliss in proejct or decsions that are aligned with your annual theme. these can be a lovely guidepost to keep you on course. And bring you back when you divert.

(This process gracefully and graciously adapted from Isabel Parlett, SoundbiteShaman.com)

Quick Help Needed, Please

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This will guide me to give you what you are really hungering for next. Your input is hugely helpful. (And we don’t do this alone, right?)

Enjoy the blessings that come from winter’s cold dark depths,

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