020As we swing into winter and our annual time of reflection and review, (see above!) it’s easy to take stock of what we’ve created, making lists and stacking up accomplishments and accolades. And that’s helpful. But sometimes we lose track of what we truly yearn for along the way.

This process, from chapter 6 of The Magdalene Path, has been moving in me lately, so I share it with you. It’s not your typical “end of year review” process, but a different take on “planning”, by looking into what’s calling to you from your future. Let me know how it goes….

To begin this practice, take a moment to create ritual space. Light a candle, set a sacred mood,  gather your journal and a warm cup of spicy delicious tea. Close your eyes and breath deeply for a few moments, letting your attention settle into your body and then your heart center. Rest your hand on your heart if that feels comfortable (it helps open that energy center.) Breathe easily, allowing your heart to open.

“But what does my heart long for?”  This is a question I hear from women often. I’ve felt that confusion, too. A simple question, it should be easy to answer. But should is never an empowered direction to follow.

“Should” almost always aligns me with other people’s goals and dreams, taking me far, far away from my own. It’s hard to hear myself if I am tuned into someone else.

No wonder there’s confusion about our desire. So often, we are taught not to want what we want.

As women, we care for others and often put their needs first. Messages in the media teach us to want, but our culture teaches us to deny those wants.

gold heartNo wonder we lose touch with what our own true yearnings are! Our deepest desires come through our Soul’s calling. When we attend to them, they point like arrows on an inner compass to our destiny path, our own True North. Now, let’s discover your Holy Desire.

1. How do you want your life to be? If you were reviewing your life, what would you want it to have been filled with? Review this list frequently, nightly is best.

· What feelings, sensations, and experiences do you want to have?

· If money or time were no object, what would you want to be doing? Where would you want to be? With whom? Let this bubble up unbidden, without force.

· Notice if there are any dreams, intentions, or goals you consistently fall short on. Are you being unrealistic, or is there a way you can bring more of that experience into your life?

· Are they really your desires, or do they belong to someone else?

2.  Feel how you will feel when you get that, or achieve that intended outcome. Really allow the good feeling, as you connect with the desire.

3.  Rev that up, so that you are in that state for several minutes. Feel the good feelings, the joy and excitement of achieving this desire. Focus more on the emotion, rather than the specific item or experience.

4.  A friendly reminder: For best results, it is helpful to include the request, “This or something better, for the best and highest of all Creation.” That, or a similar prayer, gives your intention up to the higher wisdom of Source, so that you are not putting upper limits on the creativity of the universe and the blessings that may come your way. Feel free to adapt and use your own words..

An excerpt from The Magdalene Path, Lessons for Living Larger,  (c) 2014 Claire Sierra